"Forecasts overflowing": the PP figures in "more than 45,000" those attending the event against the amnesty

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The image distributed by the Popular Party at 12:15 p.m., the first aerial photograph of the event, confirmed the exceeding of forecasts. The act against the amnesty has exceeded the calculations that popular done recently: “more than 60,000 people”, according to sources from the organization and citing the National Police. It is triple what was expected. The Government Delegation estimates the attendance at 40,000.

Although in Genoa they hoped that the attendees would reach the first barrera urban area with which the Felipe II Squarewhich is the Narvaez Streetthis limit was already exceeded long before the event started.

There was more than an hour until the rally began and reaching the first meters of the audience was already an impossible mission. The attendees already surpassed the giant screen placed halfway along the route and began to block Narváez.

Once the rally started, the attendees already filled the final stretch of the avenue and reached the Alcala street, where the National Police maintained the perimeter to prevent the protest from overflowing this artery in the center of the capital. “Forecasts overflowing,” they said in the PP.

The same thing happened in adjacent streets: Jorge Juan, Fernan Gonzalez, Duke of Sesto o Goya were practically impassable minutes before the event began with the greeting of the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida.

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