Foreign Affairs confirms the death of Iván Illarramendi, the Spaniard who disappeared in Gaza after the Hamas attack

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The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed the deaths of Iván Illarramendi and his wife, the Chilean Loren Garcovich. He is the second Spaniard killed in Israel after the Hamas attacks on October 7. Illarramendi lived in a kibbutz with his wife and they were not located after the attack.

From the beginning, Spain spoke of Illarramendi as missing but, after the dna tests carried out on those who died in the attacks, their deaths have been confirmed.

Illarramendi and his wife They were not kidnapped by the Palestinian Islamist group, as has been published in some media.

The remains of Illarramendi and Garvcovich were identified yesterday in a morgue in Tel Aviv, a month after his death, a spokesperson for the Israeli Foreign Ministry told EFE. The same news agency added that, according to Israeli sources, the Spanish-Chilean couple was burned alive in their home.

The Spanish citizen Iván Illarramendi and his wife, the Chilean Loren Garcovich, were burned alive together in their home

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