foreign citizen stolen from a lynching

Bottles thrown at eye level that shatter, screams and general stampede. This is the scene that was parade in front of the agents of the Nosu of the municipal police in the late afternoon of Sunday 31 July, present with the permanent garrison in viale Gramsci. The agents on the spot immediately requested reinforcements, with five patrols of the Municipal that intervened in a few seconds while an African citizen, probably of Senegalese nationality, holding with one hand the head of another man of North African origin, tried to hit him with a big brick.

The scuffle sparked a real one street fight, with several foreign citizens who have joined the fray to try to give support to their fellow countrymen. The hand-to-hand combat was quelled thanks to the decisive intervention of the agents who, after blocking the North African and taking him into the service car to save him from lynching, dispersed all the others, who fled to the neighboring streets by making lose track. Even the North African citizen, thirty-year-old from Algeria, prejudiced and irregular on the national territory, after refusing medical treatment, left the area.

From a careful observation of the images of the surveillance cameras, the Nosu agents noticed that a few moments before the arrival of the Municipal, near a bar located in front of a closed convenience store, he had held one of the empty bottles on the pavement and he had thrown it in the direction of a group of Senegalese sitting on the steps of the porch, for no apparent reason. After the provocation, a hand-to-hand fight ensued between the Algerian and one of the men from the other group. The 30-year-old North African was reported for the crime of brawlalso taking into account that he had already been arrested by the municipal police in the exact same place on 10 February 2020 and 9 October 2021 for drug dealing, and reported for illegal occupation of buildings (Apes public housing in the S. Ermete district) on March 31, 2022 and July 12, 2022.

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