Foreign fans complain about Eden! According to them, the ECL finals should host a larger stadium

The recent match between Slavia Prague and Victoria Pilsen in Eden was full of controversy and unsportsmanlike conduct. The disciplinary commission of the League Football Association imposed penalties at its meeting today, both clubs escaped with a fine, and Slavia was given a suspended sentence to close part of the stadium. Adolf Šádek, the general director of Pilsen, also escaped with a fine.

The match between Slavia and Pilsen was full of controversy and unsportsmanlike conduct

The group match for the title of Fortuna League champion between Slavia Prague and Victoria Pilsen was to be a celebration of Czech football. However, the level of the match, especially a number of controversial moments and unsportsmanlike behavior among fans and club representatives, but rather cast a dark shadow on Czech football.

The disciplinary commission met at Thursday’s meeting and discussed the offenses of clubs and fans. According to the available materials, she imposed sentences, on which the chairman of the LFA Disciplinary Commission, Richard Baček, also commented.

The LFA disciplinary commission imposed a fine of CZK 300,000 on Slavia and the conditional closure of part of the stadium

Slavia Prague received a fine of 300,000 crowns and the conditional closure of the North Grandstand and part of the main grandstand. “After evaluating all the documents, the disciplinary commission decided that the home club and its fans had committed a number of offenses against the disciplinary rules.” he said according to the DK LFA website Mr. Baček.

Mr. Baček subsequently added that the Disciplinary Commission took into account the fact that Slavia Prague identified and punished several spectators who had committed unsportsmanlike conduct. To the culprits invested ban on entering the stadium for five years and financial penalties of CZK 50,000.

In addition, the Prague club has taken measures to prevent similar behavior. In the case of further unsportsmanlike behavior of its fans, Slavia is willing to proceed with the installation of barrier nets, as we can see in other European stadiums.

“Nevertheless, the Disciplinary Board must signal that such behavior cannot be tolerated in league stadiums, and has therefore added a suspended sentence to the suspended sentence of the closure of the North Grandstand and parts of the Grandstand.” Chairman Baček explained the reasons for the sentence.

DK LFA awarded the suspended sentence primarily for throwing objects on the playing field, the massive use of pyrotechnics leading several times this season to a long interruption of matches and the lighting of open fires.

Pilsen and CEO Šádek were fined CZK 40,000

The disciplinary commission also punished the visiting Victoria Pilsen. The club also received a fine for using pyrotechnics and inappropriate shouts from Pilsen fans. The General Director of Pilsen, Adolf Šádek, who also set up a middleman for Slavia’s fans, also escaped with a fine. The club and Mr. Šádek received a fine of CZK 40,000.

Source: DK LFA

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