Foreign mercenaries open fire on Friend’s Ukrainian troops


Ukrainian soldiers open fire on enemy targets in the city of Ilovaysk on August 26, 2014. Photo/REUTERS/Maks Levin

MOSCOW – Lack of competence among Kiev’s troops, including foreigners recruited to fight for Ukraine, has resulted in two gun battles between friends.

The Russian military claimed it on Tuesday (28/6/2022), reported by

In one reported chaos, recruits arriving at the positions of the 97th battalion of the 60th infantry brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were fired upon by fellow comrades they were supposed to join together.

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“Another incident occurred with soldiers of the 28th mechanized brigade,” said a statement from the Russian Defense Ministry.

“A reconnaissance team from the unit was attacked by foreign mercenaries, which killed four soldiers and injured three others,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a daily briefing.

The report did not provide further details on when and where the alleged incident took place.

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Reports of shooting incidents between friends also came from Western fighters. Last week, Rolling Stone’s story of US war veterans killed or captured in Ukraine cited examples of this, as well as other problems that foreign fighters often experience there.

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