Foreign Vloggers Watch Persija: Eat Instant Noodles at the Stadium, Call the Most Emotional Experience – An international vlogger couple, Matt and Ksenia, created a match-watching content Persija Jakarta vs Madura United.

Duel Persija vs Madura United is a series of matches of week 10 Liga 1the highest caste of the Indonesian League 2022-2023.

The Persija vs Madura United match which ended in a 0-0 draw took place at the Patriot Stadium on Saturday (17/9/2022).

The match was not only watched by domestic fans. Foreign vloggers also took the time to attend the stadium.

The vlogger pair, Matt and Ksenia, also captured the moment watching the Persija vs Madura United match on their Youtube channel.

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In the video uploaded on the Youtube channel called Your Mate Matte, Matt and Ksenia did not hesitate to interact with Persija supporters.

They tried to communicate with a number of The Jakmania by asking what the final score of the Persija vs Madura United match was.

Not only that, both of them are also willing to spend money to buy jerseys Persija Jakarta sold outside the stadium.

Interestingly, Matt and Ksenia also had time to buy instant noodles before entering the Patriot Stadium.

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When they entered the stadium, Matt and Ksenia kept praising the atmosphere of the Persija vs Madura United match.

Ksenia looked very amused. He unfurled a scarf that reads Persija during the match.

Meanwhile, Matt tried to ask a number of Persija Jakarta fans to wave their hands in his video.

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After the match was over, Persija Jakarta players seemed to form a circle in the middle of the playing field.

Then, the Persija Jakarta fans who were present at the Patriot Stadium sang a song entitled “One Soul”.

Meanwhile, it also coincided with the moment of farewell to Persija Jakarta legend, Ismed Sofyan.

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According to Matt, the moment when Persija supporters sang was the most moving moment for him.

“At the end of the game, all the players stand in a circle and a lot of people sing to them,” Matt wrote in his vlog.

“This is one of the most powerful emotional experiences I have ever witnessed. Amazing,” he added.

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