Forensic Expert’s Explanation of Brigadier J’s Brain Moving to Stomach in Second Autopsy Page all – Leaked second autopsy results Brigadier J became a discussion for netizens, especially regarding the condition of his brain organs that moved into the stomach.

To answer people’s confusion, asked for an explanation from the forensic expert at the Sebelas Maret University Hospital (UNS), Dr. Novianto Adi Nugroho.

Novianto said that the process of transferring the body’s brain from the head to the stomach does not have any special rules.

“There is no special rule, what is clear is that the body is returned to the family in good condition after the autopsy or post-mortem,” said Novianto when contacted. Kompas.comWednesday (3/8/2022).

Novianto further explained about the autopsy process.

According to him, at an autopsy, usually all internal organs will be taken and examined carefully, from the kidneys, heart to brain.

This action is necessary to find out if there are abnormalities in the internal organs.

After the organ has been examined, there will be an adjustment to the placement of the organ back into the body, based on the type of organ and the condition of the bones and skeleton of the corpse.

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The brain is easy to rot and melt

“The brain organ is inserted into the stomach, first to facilitate and speed up the reconstruction of the corpse so that it is returned to the family in good condition,” said Novianto.

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Why brain organs are inserted into the stomach, could be for the second reason. Namely that the brain organs are more easily decomposed and easy to melt.

If forced to put back into the head, then the rotten brain can seep and exit the head cavity through the former skull bone fragments.

“If so, it makes it unethical in front of the family,” he continued.

As is known, Brigadier J’s body has been autopsied before. In the first autopsy, brain organs can be returned to the skull, or inserted into the abdomen if the skull bones have been damaged or broken.

According to Novianto, the process of brain decay in corpses runs faster than other organs in the body such as the kidneys and heart.

When it enters the process of decay, the brain will melt and become like mush. So that it will easily seep out of the skull bone hole.

“This is avoided when the brain organs are returned to the skull cavity, because the skull cavity has been cut and the decayed brain fluid can come out of the cut,” said Novianto.

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Second autopsy

Previously known, leaked information regarding the results second autopsy Brigadier J This has been on social media.

The shift in the location of the brain organs in the second autopsy process by Brigadier J is considered by the public to be very strange.

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Early in the morning, read the news on the results of the case re-autopsy Brigadier J. It’s just a gunshot wound that was fatal, one shot in the head has killed a life, this is a gunshot wound to the chest and other body parts. Not to mention move the brain to the stomach. This is really brutal. Psycho is gone,” wrote the Twitter account this.

Yes.. that’s how it is. so scary,” wrote another Twitter account.

Quoted from, Tuesday (2/8/2022), the head of the forensic doctor team, Ade Firmansyah Sugiharto, said that the official results of the second autopsy would only be released a few weeks after the second autopsy took place.

“The results of the autopsy will only come out after 4-8 weeks,” said Firmansyah at a press conference at Sungai Bahar Hospital, Jambi, Wednesday (27/7/2022).

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