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[New Tang Dynasty Beijing time July 31, 2021]Hello friends, today is July 30 (Friday), welcome to “Foresight quick review“, I’m Tang Jingyuan.

In the past two days, I saw a mainland pink pair who has been reposted widely on the Internet.Tokyo OlympicsIn his comment, he said that he didn’t see the Olympic spirit, but he saw his anti-Japanese spirit. Although this sentence is rather strange, it also reflects a prominent trend of this Olympic Games from one side, which is the competition between China and Japan, and this competition is reflected in two aspects: one aspect is the gold medal list. China and Japan have been almost from the beginning. Keeping pace, as of today, the gold medals of both sides are at 19:17, and Japan is temporarily behind two in second place.

On the other hand, it was the successive defeats of Chinese traditional superior gold medals to Japanese athletes, which triggered a large number of Chinese Internet users of Wolf Warriors to frantically attack Japanese athletes, which aroused international public opinion. The farther example is the table tennis mixed doubles gold medal, and the closer example is the individual all-around gold medal in men’s gymnastics. In particular, the latter not only formed a major refereeing incident in the Olympics, but also led to an unprecedented action by the International Sports Federation.

Are the referees blowing black whistle in the individual gymnastics all-around finals?

The gymnastics men’s individual all-around final was held on the 28th. The 19-year-old Japanese teenager Hashimoto Daiki defeated the Chinese team Xiao Ruoteng to win the gold medal for the first time. However, the results of the competition aroused huge doubts from mainland netizens. After the competition, not only did Hashimoto Daiki’s INS account be insulted and washed by a large number of mainland netizens, even the International Federation of Sports INS accounts continued to be subjected to massive insults and swipes. On the 29th, the post comment function of his account was closed.

Subsequently, for the first time, the International Sports Federation addressed the focus of this storm: the controversial results of Hashimoto Daiki’s men’s all-around vault, and gave a complete scoring explanation statement, listing 6 points in the whole process from Hashimoto’s launch to landing. The deduction of points.

In the game screen, Hashimoto took a big step after landing and went out of bounds, while Xiao Ruoteng stepped on the line after landing a big step. It looks like Hashimoto’s turnover is obviously bigger, but both of them have the same penalty points, which is 0.1 points.

Is this the referee blowing the black whistle? In fact, this issue is not complicated.

First of all, now the scoring of a gymnastics competition consists of three parts: difficulty points, completion points and final penalty points. According to the rules of the International Association of Sports Federations, a big step is not stable in the landing, which belongs to the category of completion. The highest is to deduct 0.3. Even if you reach the maximum in this step, you will only deduct 0.3.

However, landing with one foot and stepping out of bounds falls into the category of penalty points, and the penalty is 0.1 points. Even if you step 1 meter out of bounds, you only have a penalty of 0.1, and only if both feet are out of bounds, you will have a penalty of 0.3.

Therefore, from the picture, Hashimoto’s right foot stepped far out of bounds, while Xiao Ruoteng only stepped on the line with his left foot, but also calculated out of bounds, so the nature of the two is the same, and both have a penalty of 0.1.

Judging from the data released by the International Sports Federation, Xiao Ruoteng has not suffered the black whistle of the referee, and both scores are fair and reasonable. As for the widely circulated saying that there is a penalty of 0.5 for going out of bounds, including individual commentators and people in the gymnastics community, it is actually wrong, either it is a false rumor, or it is deliberately misleading the public opinion in order to reduce the loss of gold. pressure.

In fact, from the point of comparison of scores, Hashimoto’s highest score over Xiao Ruoteng was the last horizontal bar, scoring 0.867 points, which immediately surpassed Xiao Ruoteng to win the championship. This is also a place that has been seriously questioned by many mainland netizens who do not understand the rules.

Why did Hashimoto succeed in overtaking here? The reason is also very simple. One is that Hashimoto’s difficulty score is 6.5, while Xiao Ruoteng’s difficulty is only 6.0. For this point, Hashimoto’s difficulty exceeds 0.5. Another reason is that Xiao Ruoteng himself made a very low-level mistake here: he just clapped his legs and clenched fists to celebrate after the action was over, and did not signal to the referee. According to the scoring rules, athletes must signal to the referee before and after the start of the action, otherwise 0.3 points will be deducted.

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This is what Xiao Ruoteng admitted and was published when he was interviewed by Xinhua News Agency reporter Lu Xianting after the game.

Therefore, the gap was opened in this way, and Xiao Ruoteng’s gold medal was lost in this way.

The CCP’s top officials openly and deteriorating to drive pink mobs

We have discussed in the past that the entire CCP regime from the top to the grassroots is openly deteriorating and hooliganizing. One of the biggest evil consequences is that a batch of pink fifty cents has become mob. The typical symptoms are fanatical xenophobia and a split personality. Irrational extreme nationalism and using scary political hats against all dissidents.

If you have a friend who has experienced the Cultural Revolution, you may have a clear sense of familiarity when you see the online violence of the Olympics. Compared with the Red Guards of the year, these pink speeches, apart from a few more modern online vocabulary, regardless of their way of thinking. It is still the form of expression, which can be said to be the same.

Whether it is Jin Canrong who claims that there are ghosts of American weather weapons behind the Henan floods, or the grassroots pink questioning Japanese player Mizutani Hayabusa won by wearing “deceleration glasses”, you can see that there are some stupid and stupid ones behind. Bad people are constantly deliberately magnifying a distorted concept of hatred.

We have seen the power of this blind hatred in the “U-lock incident” in Xi’an in 2012. What will it look like if it continues to develop? Many people probably know that Huangmei Opera actor Yan Fengying, who played the seven fairies and was well-known in the past, committed suicide during the Cultural Revolution. After being humiliated during the Cultural Revolution, he was searched for the so-called “special dispatcher” by military representatives in public.

Let’s look back at the brainwashing of these ridiculous and terrifying “weather weapons”. Who can guarantee that such absurd tragedies like the “transmitter” will not be repeated in the future? The difference between the two is nothing more than 50 steps and 100 steps.

In other words, after a short period of less than 10 years of meticulous indoctrination, the CCP has once again created a huge crowd of contemporary Red Guards. This crowd is an active volcano, and we can now hear the roar of the crater and the obvious shaking of the ground.

As for the reason why this volcano has not really erupted, it is just that the CCP does not yet have an invincible great leader to issue a call. Although Wang Huning and others around Xi Jinping are racking their brains to make him the 2.0 version of Mao Zedong, it seems that the actual effect of the upgrade is more inclined to the 2.0 version of Ceausescu, that is to say, the system has all The sin may eventually fall on him to bear and end.

U.S. Securities Regulatory CommissionSudden freezing of Chinese companies’ listing applications

Okay, let’s talk about the heavy news that came out today, which isU.S. Securities Regulatory CommissionThe application for listing of Chinese companies was suddenly frozen.

The news was exclusively released by Reuters. The report quoted sources as saying that the US SEC has stopped processing the registration of Chinese companies’ initial public offerings (IPOs) and other securities sales in the United States, and at the same time, it is to regulate the disclosure of Chinese companies to investors. The CCP supervises the risks of cracking down and prepares to formulate a new guideline.

As for how long this process will take, no one currently knows.

So, you can see, this freeze is obviously closely related to the CCP’s rectification of Didi Travel and the ensuing blow to the education and training industry. For Didi, the company, under continuous blows by the authorities, has now begun to consider delisting to calm the authorities’ anger and compensate investors for the losses suffered since the company’s listing.

After the education and training industry has become the target of a new round of rectification, the stock prices of companies such as New Oriental have also plummeted. The CCP authorities have sent successive shock waves to listed companies in the United States, making American investors who are hopeful and waiting to make a fortune complain.

Require Chinese companies going public in the U.S. to disclose to investors the risks of CCP’s intervention in business

Therefore, the most important content of the new guidelines issued by the SEC is to require Chinese companies that go public in the United States to disclose to investors the risks of the Chinese Communist government’s intervention in their business as part of their regular reporting obligations.

According to SEC Chairman Gary Gensler (Gary Gensler) today, the staff of the agency will have to ensure that Chinese companies seeking to list in the United States have obtained permission from the Chinese Communist government. Review their audit records within 3 years.

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Do you have a feeling of “too fast” now?CorrectChina-U.S. financial decouplingWe have discussed this topic on many programs in the past, and many friends also feel that with the existence of Wall Street as a huge lubricant, China-US financial decoupling may not be so easy, even if Trump (Trump) is in power. During the period, he was so tough on the CCP, and he couldn’t shake the overall situation.

Xi Jinping takes his own initiative to do things Trump wants to do but can’t do

But what makes everyone fall through is that no one thought that Xi Jinping himself would have done something that Trump wanted to do but could not do. The result is that we have seen a staggering spectacle: both China and the United States, who are in fierce confrontation, are using cracking down and restricting Chinese companies as a means to put pressure on each other, and one is more ruthless than one. .

To tell the truth, I guess Americans have only seen this situation in one place, that is, in the Middle East. Whenever a suicide attacker is full of explosives and rushes towards the target he wants to destroy, the Americans will know that the enemy wants to harm us in this way.

I have used an analogy in the past, saying that Xi Jinping is now practicing the “Seven Injury Boxing.” Although this is a bit of a joke, it can generally explain that the current CCP is such a style of play.

In other words, the way the CCP now compares ruthlessly with the United States and shows its “powerful ability” is to greet itself with a knife: You are ruthless, I am even more ruthless. If you want to kill me, I can kill myself first, even if Even if you die, you will be splashed with blood, and you will be disgusted… Probably this is the way of thinking.

The United States is a little dazed? There is only one trick to “risk avoidance”

To be honest, the United States is a little dazed by such tactics. They don’t quite understand what medicine the CCP is selling in the gourd. They just saw each other’s fierce gaze scatter, and when they swung a knife frantically and greeted themselves from time to time, they instinctively reminded themselves: this guy is not easy to mess with, it doesn’t seem normal, everyone had better stay away from it. . To use official vocabulary, it is “risk aversion”.

In my opinion, this is the real reason for the freezing measures taken by the US Securities Regulatory Commission.

Of course, Xi Jinping’s use of this “chaotic cloak” sword technique is not because he really has a mental disorder, nor is it because he has obtained a masterpiece of martial arts by chance or something. To put it bluntly, he was just forced to a corner by various crises, and there was really no way he could do it.

Is Xi Jinping’s current pressure mountainous?

This can only illustrate one point: Xi Jinping is under great pressure, especially internally. Some people say that Didi was rectified because a gang of princelings was creating a crisis for him. Others said that the education and training industry was rectified because the three-child policy was in vain. The population crisis forced him to dig east walls to make up for the west. Either way, it shows that the CCP’s so-called “new era characteristic socialism” road has reached a desperate situation where it is leaking in all directions, and only then will there be such a situation of pressing the gourd and rising up.

Okay, in the end, let’s briefly talk about the new Chinese ambassador to the United States.Qin GangTaking office this matter. This incident is quite unusual, and it is also closely related to the just-concluded Sino-US Tianjin talks.

Ambassador to the U.S.Qin GangThe incumbents are surprisingly low-key

On July 28, Qin Gang, the new Chinese ambassador to the United States, arrived in Washington in a low-key manner. How low-key was he? Low-key to the fact that neither the Xinhua News Agency nor the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China saw Xi Jinping’s presidential order to appoint Qin Gang as the ambassador to the United States, but the official website of the Chinese Embassy in the United States announced the news of Qin Gang’s arrival.

What is equally striking is that the United States is also surprisingly low-key. The State Department did not send officials to greet him at the airport like his predecessor, Cui Tiankai, did in the past. As a result, Qin Gang certainly did not have the opportunity to be invited to deliver his credentials to the United States on the second day of his appointment like Cui Tiankai.

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When Qin Gang took office, first came a statement that “the door is open, it will not be closed”, so almost all public opinion focused on the issue of whether he was a wolf or a panda.

In fact, whether Qin Gang is a wolf or a cat, I don’t think it is important, because the positioning of his attribute is not determined by him, but based on Xi Jinping’s needs. In the past, the CCP needed to keep a low profile, so the diplomats were more docile and friendly than each. Now the CCP needs to do a lot, so the diplomats are more wolves than each.

The key to Qin Gang taking office was not the few words of his new official who took office, but the act of taking office.

When Qin Gang took office, the subtle release of the low signal of the soft service?

What does that mean? The time Qin Gang took office was very delicate, and it happened to be the day after the Sino-US Tianjin talks ended. We all know that Qin Gang’s appointment as ambassador to the United States has been around for a long time, and the CCP has been dragging it out without confirming it. In fact, it is waiting for this high-level meeting between China and the United States.

During the China-US Tianjin talks, the CCP played a full role and asked Xie Feng to come up with two error correction checklists for hype. These two lists, not to mention the content, are aimed at the four words “error correction list,” and the United States is unlikely to accept it, because even if it accepts one, it is tantamount to admitting that it is the wrong party.

The CCP actually knows this well, so the two lists are meant to be speculations, and they don’t expect the US to actually deliver much.

Does the CCP really have the resources to be so arrogant to make the United States obediently admit its mistakes? At least I, a melon-eating crowd, can’t see it.

On the contrary, what we have seen is that the CCP’s toughness on the surface is more like acting to meet the needs of large internal propaganda, but its inner real idea has released a signal of softening and subduing through Qin Gang’s taking office.

The U.S. Ambassador to China has left office for more than half a year

Why do you say that? We all know that the US ambassador to China has left for more than half a year, and after Cui Tiankai returned to China, the CCP ambassador to the US has also been vacant for one month. There is no ambassador to each other at the same time. This is the first time in 42 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the US.

But the US is not in a hurry. The Biden administration has not announced a replacement. If the CCP really wants to be tough, to express dissatisfaction with the United States, to express its fear of decoupling from the United States, etc., then it is natural to adopt a reciprocal approach. At least after the new US ambassador is announced or even after the new ambassador arrives in Beijing, Qin Gang will be allowed. Go to the United States to take up a new post.

Only this can reflect the strong rise of the party-state and the prestige of the U.S. imperial retreat, right?

But what we see now is that just after the closed-door talks between China and the United States in Tianjin, Qin Gang immediately went to the United States to take up his post, reflecting the opposite situation.

The CCP is playing a trick of putting ruthless words on the surface and ditching behind the back?

Therefore, there is a high probability that the CCP is playing the trick of putting ruthless words on the surface and ditching behind the back. Once the U.S. countermeasures and withdraws an item from the list after obtaining a major concession from the CCP secretly, the CCP will immediately exaggerate: Look, the U.S. emperor is scared to pee, and the U.S. emperor obediently does so. Although it will not be completed for a while, the party-state is generous and can allow the U.S. emperor to have a process of slowly admitting and correcting mistakes and so on.

The CCP has played this game many times in the past, and it has been effective. Will the US government, which has eaten more than one ditch, really grow up this time? We might as well wait and see.

Okay, let’s talk about it today. Thank you for watching. Let’s enter the interactive time. Welcome friends to come and chat.

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