Forge and co-op for Halo Infinite will be May 2022 at the earliest

343 Industries reports this in an interview with Eurogamer. Due to the postponement of Season 2 of the game to May 2022, the highly anticipated modes have also been pushed to later that year.

“When we talked about co-op and Forge, I said the goal was to bring co-op in Season 2 and Forge in Season 3,” said head of creative Joseph Staten.

“Yes, we are extending Season 1. So the goal still remains to release co-op in Season 2, and Forge in Season 3. We can’t give a hard date because as we see with the multiplayer beta, some may get ahead of things.”

By this, Staten is referring to the battle pass progression system, which was experienced as slow by many players. This was announced by the studio to speed up progression by adding new challenges, removing some weekly challenges, and customizing boosters to be purchased.

Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer mode was released as a beta earlier this week, with a full release on December 8. Then the game’s campaign for Xbox and PC will also be released.

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