format compact pour ce mobile pliant

The Oppo Find N2 smartphone has just been made official for the Chinese market. This is an evolution compared to the Find N that we had been able to try previously, but both are not available in France. Offering the same compact format as its predecessor, we were still able to try it quickly in order to give you our impressions of it.

After a first folding smartphone Oppo Find N, the brand returns at the end of the year with a new version, the Find N2. For the record, it was made official at the same time as another folding mobile, but with a clamshell, this time, the Oppo Find N2 Flip. And, good news, it will be marketed in France and count on us to tell you more about it as soon as we can approach it.

In the meantime, we were able to briefly try out the new Oppo Find N2 folding smartphone. Remember that it takes exactly the folding principle of its predecessor, the Find N in an equally compact format. Moreover, the dimensions are almost the same: 132.6 mm high for the Find N against 132.2 mm for the new model and 140.2 mm wide when the Find N is open against 140.5 mm for the Find N2. Count, for the latter, on a width of 72.6 mm when closed against 73 mm for the Find N. The Find N2 has gained in finesse. It measures 7.4 mm in profile against 8 mm previously when open. Closed, it is 14.6 mm compared to 15.2 mm for the Find N (on the left in the photo below).


In addition, the manufacturer claims that the Find N2 is the lightest folding smartphone on the market with a weight of 233 grams, for the black vegan leather version. Compared to the Find N, we gain 42 grams, which is far from negligible. Recall that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 weighs 263 grams and the Honor Magic Vs weighs 265 grams (leather version).

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Some changes in position, but we keep the same principle

Still compared to the Find N, the Find N2 has its fingerprint reader on the standby button still on the right pane which also now accommodates the double button to manage the volume while it was placed on the left profile on the Find N. It is also the right pane, this time in the lower part, which offers the USB-C connector and the drawer for the SIM cards while on its predecessor, the latter is positioned on the left pane.

When the mobile is closed, we found the external screen to be less curved than before. From the back, the optical unit is more imposing on the Find N2 than on the Find N. It still benefits from a very nice integration with the rear hull.


The hinge has been revised to be more solid. This could withstand up to 400,000 manipulations before showing the first signs of weakness, according to Oppo. That’s 100 openings/closings per day for over 10 years… Note that the hinge allows the phone to stay in a half-open position, if any, like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, but not the Honor Magic Vs which is either closed or open. The crease in the center is not visible and hardly felt when you run your finger over it. This is a very good thing as the creases of the competition are seen and felt. The screen has edges that are thinner than on the previous model. In addition, we also appreciate that the two flaps stick to each other when the mobile is closed, which is not the case on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4.

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Two screens that are quite remarkable, but a source of frustration

The external screen measures 5.54 inches with a frequency of 120 Hz on an AMOLED panel displaying a maximum brightness of 1350 cd / m², according to its manufacturer.

The internal screen is 7.1 inches diagonally with a variable frequency between 1 and 120 Hz, depending on the applications in use. It would display a maximum brightness of 1550 cd / m², again according to Oppo.

The format is 9/8.4, an almost square screen. It is for this reason in particular that the brand explained to us that it does not market this product outside of China, considering that the applications are not optimized for such a display and that this could create frustration among users. Oppo wishing to offer the best hardware experience, but also software, the company seems to have resigned itself to not distributing the Find N2 in markets other than China. Hopefully things will move in the right direction so that eventually we can also enjoy such devices and experience as satisfying as possible. In the meantime, we must recognize that the Find N2 is indeed a success. Its design is particularly successful. Its grip is ergonomic and efficient and it seems capable of offering excellent performance in the service of increased productivity. A more thorough test would have made it possible to know more, but it will be necessary to be “satisfied” with the Oppo Find N2 Flip as a folding model for the brand here.


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