Former announcer Kim Ji-won responds to suspicion of profit-making activity “Apply for mediation adjustment + accept apology for abuse”

[더셀럽 김지영 기자] Former KBS announcer Kim Ji-won actively responded to the suspicion of commercial activities.

On the 3rd, Kim Ji-won informed his SNS that, “In response to a malicious article last weekend, I first applied for mediation of the article to the media arbitration committee.

He said, “In the meantime, I suddenly confirmed that the article was deleted.” He said, “I received an apology from those who wrote bad comments in this regard.”

Finally, Kim Ji-won said, “I hope that people who suffer innocent damage from similar cases will disappear in the future.” Along with this, he posted a photo on his social media page containing the handwritten apology of the bad guy.

Earlier, one media raised suspicion that before Kim Ji-won left KBS, he posted advertisements inducing cash payments through the YouTube channel, which was operating in January last year, and exposed his brand to make profits.

In response, Kim Ji-won said, “Before leaving the company, I haven’t posted advertisements on YouTube or engaged in any commercial activities with any sponsorship.” I will respond clearly one by one to all bad comments and articles based on inaccurate facts,” he said.
[더셀럽 김지영 기자 / 사진= 김지원 SNS]

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