Former cross-country skier Raimo elected chairman of the board of the newly formed “Boycott Party” – Society and Politics – News

Former member of the party “Sengen” and the Latvian Social Democratic Party (SDP) Armands Strazds elected chairman of the party council

Kaspars Zandbergs, Salvijs Bilinskis, Imants Kalniņš, Gatis Skrabe, Ainārs Juberts and Ainārs Kozickis were also elected as members of the party’s board.

It has already been reported that the founders of the party want to unite more than 20,000 Latvian citizens.

The “boycott party” is realizing political struggle, “preferring non-violent struggle methods”. According to Raimo, the main difference of the party is that it is rooted in “a broad popular boycott movement, which demonstrated its strength in the last election, when 66% of eligible voters did not vote”.

The LETA archive shows that Raimo has regularly participated in protests against Covid-19 restrictions in recent years. The State Security Service (SSD) acknowledged that the representatives of the People’s Front for Power last year were among the most active instigators of violating the restrictions set for overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic and endangering public health and fellow human beings. Therefore, the SES requested information from the Prosecutor General’s Office to initiate proceedings to terminate the organization.

In accordance with the decision of the Vidzeme Suburb Court of the City of Riga, the liquidation process has been initiated for the “Front of the People’s Power” represented by Raimo.

At the beginning of December last year, the head of the “People’s Power Front” Valentin Jeremeyev was arrested together with the paramedic of Riga East Clinical University Hospital Marina Kornatovska for spreading false news in connection with Covid-19.

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The archive of the agency LETA shows that in 2018 Raimo ran from the list of the Greens and Farmers Union (ZZS) in the 13th Saeima elections. Jeremejevs, on the other hand, was once the head of the Riga branch of the Latvian Green Party (LZP), which is part of the ZZS, but in 2018 he left the party.

Stazds, on the other hand, was repeatedly excluded from the party “Sadarba” and the association “Sobežas centrs”. He is currently an official of five different foundations and associations, according to “”.


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