Former Flight Attendant Siwi Sidi Withdraws the Report to the Police about ‘Mistress’, Why?


Former flight attendant Sidi Siwi Purwanti or who is familiarly known as Siwi Sidi, is known to have withdrawn the report about the ‘mistress’ allegation on the Twitter account @digeeembok, Bunda. In fact, the police are currently investigating the case he reported.

This news was confirmed by the Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Yusri Yunus, Bunda. He said that Siwi Sidi had withdrawn the report since last July 10, without explaining the reasons behind the withdrawal.

“It is true, the report has been withdrawn since July 10 by the person concerned and has been accepted,” said Yusri, quoted from detikcom.

However, when asked about the termination of the investigation after being revoked, Yusri only said that his party would still re-examine it, Bunda.

It is necessary to know, actually the police team has raised this defamation case to the investigation stage, Bunda. In fact, the police have also tracked down who was the first person to say about Sidi Siwi behind the Twitter account.

“The account owner is being searched and traced,” he said.

According to Yusri, the increase in cases to investigations was carried out based on procedures, although until now no one has been named and named a suspect, Bunda.

Previous Siwi Sidi once revealed that he felt slandered. Netizen then wondered whether the reason Siwi Sidi resigned as a flight attendant was because it was related to the ‘mistress’ case.

“The person who taunts us in the back, is the person who is jealous he is not able to compete,” replied Siwi Sidi on his Instagram account at that time.

Siwi Sidi admitted that he regretted the decision to stop working flight attendant. Moreover, they must be subject to a penalty because they are considered to have violated the work contract.

“Yes, sorry, let’s get up from slander,” said Siwi Sidi.

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