Former football coach: Peter Neururer talks about heart attack


The former Bundesliga coach Peter Neururer (63) has spoken very openly about his severe heart attack seven years ago.

“My last memory was that I made a fantastic tee-off on the 17th hole of our golf club,” says the new ambassador of the Björn Steiger Foundation against cardiac death in a video. “Then I collapsed, as I was told.” He had “not guessed at all” before. Nicotine may have narrowed the wreaths to the point of collapse.

He was awake in the intensive care unit. “I look down at myself and see only tubes.” He said to his doctor: “” What's the shit here? “” Neururer. The doctor said to his wife, “Antje, do not worry – he'll be back.”

His lifestyle has changed, so the TV football expert and coach of several first and second division. “I no longer worry about things that I think, believe or even know that I have no influence on and have no influence.”

He was very fortunate and is now promoting conviction for first aid. «From childhood on you can be confronted with things. From childhood on one can therefore find solutions. The sooner you realize that each individual can contribute to saving human lives, the better it is. “


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