former lawyer Mikhail Efremov made a sensational confession

According to him, this can radically change the fate of the actor.

Elman Pashayev, a former lawyer for the notorious actor Mikhail Efremov, made a sectional confession. It is no secret that Mikhail is now serving a sentence for a fatal road accident committed by him in the center of Moscow. However, his case may take a new turn.

According to Pashayev, he found a video on his phone with irrefutable evidence that Yefremov had been pressured in court. He made the recording by chance during a closed session on this high-profile case.

“I have a video from the courtroom. I found it on my phone a week ago when I was about to delete all unnecessary things. After looking at it, I was stunned. Did I shoot this with a hidden camera ?! I think the Russian people will understand everything if they see him. The entire Russian-speaking world will understand everything! ” – he told the publication “TVNZ».

Advocate Janis Yuksha In an interview with the PopCornNews portal, he expressed the opinion that his former colleague (editor’s note – Pashayev lost his status as a lawyer) would not dare to publish this video, since in this case he will face the consequences:

“The fact is that any court session can be closed. In some cases, the judge himself can close a certain process. If a person who is a lawyer, without appropriate permission, records this process and tries to disseminate this information, then first of all this is the basis for depriving this person of the status of a lawyer.

He believes that now it is impossible to punish him, but if this so-called truth affects people who would not want it to become public knowledge, then in this case the law enforcement agencies will conduct a check and criminal prosecution will be applied to the person, ”summed up Yuksha.

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