former LeBron lieutenant to draw on pads at Alabama State

If you were wondering what became of Mo Williams, you’ve come to the right place. After a busy NBA career with highlights of his selection for the 2009 All-Star Game and the title of champion in his last season in 2016, the leader is successfully retraining in coaching. After two years as an assistant, here he is already head coach in NCAA. Head for Alabama!

While he didn’t necessarily have the profile to consider a second career in coaching, Mo Williams is making us lie. For the youngest, we remind you. Number 2 of the Cavaliers before Kyrie Irving among others, he was a very playful playmaker, quite athletic, with a good outside shoot. But Maurice, he was above all an arsonist capable of planting 52 points in the NBA but also of completely missing out on an encounter. He has never really been very good in the role of organizer, perhaps the element that did not make us imagine such a future. But no, after spending two seasons as assistant to Mark Gottfried at the University of California State, he is now hired by that of Alabama State to lead his Hornets. For the anecdote, Williams played two years under the orders of Gottfried in the neighboring university, in Alabama, between 2001 and 2003. Back in a state he knows well, Mo is delighted to get this new microphone postESPN.

“It’s a wonderful day to become a Hornet. I am extremely proud to become a member of the family and look forward to the challenges ahead. Go the Hornets. “

The team management, represented by Jennifer Lynne Williams, shares this joy:

“We are excited about the direction of our men’s basketball team and we look forward to a new era. Mo Williams met all of our criteria when we were looking for a new head coach for this team. His leadership and passion for the game were important elements in our decision. In addition, he is no stranger to the region since he was educated in Alabama at university. “

This university has not been successful lately. Under Lewis Jackson’s orders, they won only 8 out of 32 games last season. Their last participation in a March Madness dates back to 2011 and they have only participated in it four times. Funny fact, the only scoring player out of this college is called Tauheed Epps, who played there between 1995 and 1997. Like that, this name probably doesn’t mean anything to you but if you are told 2 Chainz, you will surely know better. The famous rapper was a Hornet before joining the music industry. We wish Mo Williams to hatch in the near future a basketball legend rather than a rap legend although we are not saying no to a new quality artist.

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The small tank of the 2000s in the NBA is about to take up a new major challenge. Will he be able to bring his Hornets back to March Madness? As Laurent Paganelli would say: “In any case, we wish you Mo.”

Text source: ESPN

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