Former MEP Tory tells Corbyn to rethink the plan to stop Brexit Policy


Former conservative MP Nick Boles asked Jeremy Corbyn to commit himself not to support the general election if this would have led the UK to leave the EU without an agreement on 31 October.

In a letter outlining the plans of the rebel conservatives for the parliament not to conclude any agreement, Boles rejected the offer of a meeting of Corbyn, saying that the Labor leader had to engage on alternative routes to stop the crash of the United Kingdom which he went beyond offering to manage a guardian government.

He arrived while Tory's former MP, Anna Soubry, said he would attend next week's meeting with other party leaders, but he also pointed out that he would tell Corbyn that MPs should follow legislative paths to stop any agreement, rather than an immediate vote of confidence.

Boles and Soubry both said that the Labor leadership should focus on supporting parliamentary action to legislate against any agreement – on which parliamentarians between parties worked during the summer.

Boles stated that this would entail "checking the ordinance document and approving an act of the parliament that obliges the prime minister to guarantee the agreement of the EU council for a further extension of the article 50 ".

Boles, who led parliamentary efforts against no agreement but eventually left the conservative party in protest at the reticence of some MPs to find a solution at the impasse on Brexit, said Corbyn had to exclude the possibility of facilitate elections before an extension of Article 50 was secured.

The parliamentarian stated that he will not attend the meeting on Tuesday and that he did not believe that Corbyn's proposal – to organize a vote of confidence and then enter the number 10 to obtain an extension of article 50 and then convene an election general – was practicable.

He said he would not support a no-confidence vote while the Boris Johnson government continues to pursue a Brexit deal or support any government in which Corbyn was prime minister.

Boles also stated that he needed Corbyn's guarantees to resist the efforts of Downing Street for the extension of parliament and the holding of early elections on November 1, in order to stop such a bill which delayed the ; exit of the United Kingdom from receiving real consent.

He said that such an approach could not succeed "if Labor officials are asked to frustrate him", refusing to support a vote in parliament to hold general elections.

"It is therefore essential to state publicly that it will not facilitate the elections before an extension of article 50 has been secured and a Brexit without agreement has been avoided," he wrote.

"Until you do, people will continue to doubt the sincerity of your declared opposition to a Brexit without bargain and your readiness to put the interests of the country in front of your party's interests and your personal ambitions."

Soubry said he "very, very strongly convinced that a vote of no confidence is a real distraction" and that conservative rebels would have supported one only when it became clear that Johnson was no longer pursuing a Brexit agreement in any form.

"In September we need to stop a non-profit Brexit through legislation," said Soubry. "We must have the law that we could not leave the European Union without an agreement and this would mean that we have an extension."

The Labor leader has invited SNPs, Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru, conservatives and independent parliamentarians to visit his office next Tuesday, urging them to talk about "all available tactics to avoid agreements".

His invitation was accepted by Ian Blackford, leader of the Westminster SNP. "All options must be on the table. The SNP is ready to pursue all roads, including the approval of legislation to block any agreement and a no-confidence vote in the Tory government, "he said.

Also Jo Swinson, the leader of Lib Dem, accepted the invitation, but claimed that Corbyn should have abandoned the idea of ​​trying to become a temporary prime minister.

"We need to focus on viable options that can effectively stop Brexit without problems, because we have no time to waste. If Jeremy Corbyn really wants to stop a deal, then he must be open to options other than his plan to become prime minister and I can't wait to hear the different options he's willing to explore, "he said.

Tory rebels, including Dominic Grieve and Oliver Letwin, have also previously claimed to be happy to meet Corbyn to discuss the best way to prevent Brexit without any agreement.

Other guests at the meeting include conservative MP Guto Bebb, who reported being ready to support a Corbyn government as a last resort to avoid agreements.

On Thursday the Scottish shadow minister, Paul Sweeney, suggested that Labor should be prepared to support alternatives if Corbyn had not been successful in forming a guardian government.

"If Jeremy had not succeeded, I think we would need to have an open mind in giving someone else the chance to do it as a neutral figure – or any figure that could really command the majority," he told the Discussed podcast. "We should consider it, I wouldn't exclude it."



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