Former minister Fernández Díaz joins the PSOE appeal and asks to put the PP on the bench in the ‘Kitchen case’

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The former Minister of the Interior popularJorge Fernandez Diaz has asked the National Court to put the Popular Party on the bench to respond financially for the caso Kitchen.

Fernández Díaz is one of those accused of participating in the operation to steal compromising information for the party from former PP treasurer Luis Bárcenas.

After the order in which the judge in the case sent the matter to trial, the defense of the former minister has adhered to the appeals that ask that the PP not be left out, but that it be judged under the figure of a participant lucrative. This means that, in the event of a conviction, the public money spent on the operation could be claimed from the PP.

The order to open the oral trial has been appealed, among others, by the Secretary of State during that operation, Francisco Martínez – also an accused and former PP deputy – and by the PSOE, which exercises the popular accusation. The two parties have asked the Criminal Court to correct the judge’s decision Manuel García Castellón of not sending the PP to trial. Fernández Díaz supports both resources.

“From the factual account of the accusation documents, it is clear that the origin and epicenter of the allegedly criminal acts was espionage and the theft from the Bárcenas family of information supposedly detrimental to the interests of the PP, always for their benefit and used to reserved funds for such purposes. Being this way and requesting a conviction on the grounds of civil liability, which is accepted and reflected in the opening order itself, it is obvious, coherent and necessary to include the PP as a lucrative participant,” says the document presented by the defense of the former minister.

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