Former Trump lawyer pleads guilty in Georgia election case

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The lawyer Sidney Powellwho belonged to the legal team of the campaign of former United States President Donald Trump, has pleaded guilty in the Georgia case for attempting to manipulate the outcome of the elections. presidential election of 2020 in that state. As reported by CNN, Powell pleaded guilty this Thursday, one day before the start of his trial.

Prosecutors have requested for her six years of provisional freedom, as well as testify in future trials about the case and write a letter apologizing to the citizens of Georgia. As part of his guilty plea, Powell admits his role in the raid of Coffee County election systems in Georgia.

With the help of local leaders of the Republican Party, a group of Trump supporters illegally accessed those systems to try to prove that the election was being rigged to the detriment of the then-president. Powell’s defense has always rejected the Prosecutor’s thesis that the lawyer “orchestrated” the incursion into the systems of the aforementioned county.

Powell is the second defendant in Georgia case who pleads guilty. The first was Scott Hall, who at the end of September pleaded guilty to five lesser charges as part of an agreement that his lawyers had negotiated with the Prosecutor’s Office. As part of that agreement, the seriousness of the crimes with which Hall was accused was reduced and it was established that he must comply five years on probationin addition to having to pay a $5,000 fine and complete 200 hours of community service.

Powell and Hall are part of the group of 18 people who have been charged together with former President Donald Trump for the attempt to reverse the electoral result in Georgia in 2020, where Democrat Joe Biden won. In addition to the Georgia state case, Trump is also charged before the federal court of the District of Columbia for having allegedly attempted to reverse the result of the 2020 election that he lost against current President Biden and for having instigated the assault on the Capitol.

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