Former US Secretary of State Kissinger Reveals 3 Possible End Results of the Ukraine Conflict


Former United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Photo/REUTERS

WASHINGTON – Former United States Secretary of State (USA) Henry Kissinger shared his thoughts on how the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine could end.

Kissinger, who had just turned 99 years old, explained, “There are three possible outcomes of this war, all three are still open to some extent.”

In an interview with The Spectator magazine, he revealed, “The first scenario is that if Russia stays where it is now, Moscow will conquer 20% of Ukraine and most of the Donbass, a major industrial and agricultural area, and a piece of land along the Black Sea.”

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“If this happens, it will be a victory for Moscow which will also show NATO’s role will not be as decisive as previously thought,” the veteran politician said.

According to him, the second possible outcome would be an attempt to expel Russia from the territories it had acquired before this war, including Crimea, and then the problem of war with Russia itself would arise if the war continued.

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“The third result… is that if the Free People can prevent Russia from achieving military conquest and if the battle lines return to the position where the war started, then the current aggression will appear defeated,” he said.

“This will see Ukraine rebuilt as it was before Russian military operations started on February 24 and rearmed by NATO, if not (made) part of it,” the former foreign minister said.

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