Formula 1 | Ferrari to sign Concorde Agreement, Binotto justifies the bonus obtained

Mercedes appears for the moment isolated in its position vis-à-vis the signing of the next Concorde Agreements: Toto Wolff has already indicated that the German team is opposed to any signing, thus threatening the sustainability of its registration in F1.

The redistribution of income provided for in these Concorde Agreements should logically harm all the leading teams… and yet Ferrari, through the voice of Mattia Binotto, says it is ready to sign. It must be said that the Scuderia would have managed to keep a bonus of 40 million dollars (instead of 80) in the sport, due to its history in F1. An exception obtained under the Bernie Ecclestone era …

Asked about Ferrari’s position, Mattia Binotto justified his team’s bonus. But what would he do instead of Toto Wolff?

“I don’t know what Mercedes’ position will be, it’s up to them to decide. “

“I obviously hope they will sign. I think it will be great to have Mercedes with us next year for the next editions of the championship. “

“We are the only ones to be present since the beginning of Formula 1, 70 years ago. It is therefore also true that certain teams are sometimes there and can no longer be there. I think Ferrari will be there, as always it has been history. We will be there in the future, we are fully committed, and we will certainly sign. “

However, the deadline is tight to finalize an agreement of this importance: there are only a few days before the deadline of August 12.

But Mattia Binotto believes that such delays are customary in F1 …

“The August 12 deadline is fast approaching. There are still very few points, formulation issues, to deal with – this is only a legal question – but on all principles we are sort of happy. We’ve been talking to FOM for a long time, so this isn’t the last day we will have a long talk, we have a good deal with Chase. “

“I think the proposal certainly helps the smaller teams which is important. As Ferrari I think our role has been recognized which is very important to us and like I said we are ready to sign so it is clear that we are looking forward to it. “

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