Formula 1 | FIA had no option to postpone the race to Monday, according to Masi

Should the Belgian Grand Prix race be postponed to Monday? Looking back, the answer seems obvious.

But for the race director, Michael Masi, this was no longer possible once the event started at 3 p.m. In addition, this kind of postponement would require numerous negotiations and authorizations.

“There was no possibility of postponing the race until the next day,” Masi says in a first hot reaction after the finish.

“Safety is paramount for the drivers and the spectators. We were given the opportunity to be able to finish a race, stopping the clock, but we were not able to cover the whole distance.”

“There are long contract pages that should be reviewed between the organizers, everyone …. there was no possibility of postponing the race until tomorrow. I don’t know if logistically this could have been done. “

Masi insisted that the intention was to do as many laps as possible and that the two completed laps were not just there to meet the rules for awarding half points.

“It was to see what the conditions were. We are in constant contact with our official weather provider and there was a window that seemed to provide an opportunity. So it was ‘OK, let’s try to see if we can use this window’ . But the weather got the better of us again. “

For its part, after the Belgian Grand Prix, Formula 1 sent a message of apology to its fans.

“To our fans here today, on the track or at home, thank you for your commitment and patience. Despite all efforts, it just wasn’t possible to have a full race today. Safety will always come first. For only the 6th time in our history, half points have been awarded as a result. “

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