Formula 1 | Hamilton hasn’t needed to try out F1 2022 in a simulator yet

Lewis Hamilton is confident about the work being done by Mercedes F1 for 2022. The seven-time world champion has yet to test the team’s new single-seater but wants to be confident, as the team continues to progress without his input in the simulator.

“I didn’t drive the car in the simulator because I focused on it” Hamilton said. “The workload has been quite difficult as it is. But I am in constant contact with the team.”

“Even after our races I’m still talking about the current situation with our car and the things I want on next year’s car. I try to keep an eye on those things.”

“I tell them about the issues I’m having with the engine, that I don’t want to see this next year, and I ask them to fix it. I’m constantly having these conversations with the executives. “

Hamilton explains that in addition to his debriefings with Chief Track Engineer Andrew Shovlin and his own engineer Peter Bonnington, he meets with the F1 2022 development team after each race.

“After a run I have long meetings with Andrew Shovlin, usually at the end of the week, once they’ve gathered all the data. Then I have my meeting with Bono, then another with the team working on the car next year. “

“It allows me to have an update on their situation, whether it’s heavily aerodynamic backwards or forward, what kind of ride height we can expect, what issues they anticipate, what challenges they have and how they anticipate it will be in the car. “

And to confirm that the car is still in the development phase, without tests in the simulator: “But for now, with the progress she is making in the wind tunnel, there is no point in driving the car because it is progressing so quickly.”

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