Formula 1 | Hamilton: Russell to be as involved in 2022 F1 development as he is

Lewis Hamilton believes Mercedes F1 will rely heavily on feedback from both of its drivers as the team faces the new era of F1 regulation with a new duo in 2022.

Mercedes will indeed field a new duo for the first time since 2017 next season. After a five-year partnership between Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, it is George Russell, a wolf with long teeth, who will replace the Finn.

Asked if he would take the lead in the development of the new F1, which is expected to be dubbed W13, Hamilton replied: “I think the team will count on both of our contributions.”

“At the end of the day, it’s a car that will be built and designed around the both of us. Obviously, there is a basic, permanent structure in how the car behaves. It is defined by engineers and c then is something that we have to develop over time. “

“George has been involved in this in the past, on the team, in the simulator. So he will be an integral part of this development as I am.”

Although the new regulations mean there is virtually no carry over from this year’s F1 to next season’s, Hamilton continues to work to guide his team.

“As I drive the current car I know where the weaknesses are and what I want in next year’s car. I’m working on it to make sure we both benefit from it. But as I have it. said, once we pass the first test, the team will be relying heavily on my feedback as well as that of George. “

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