Formula 1 | Hamilton says he wants to beat Verstappen for an 8th F1 title

Lewis Hamilton confirms that although initially “disappointed with Formula 1 due to the circumstances of his defeat in 2021, he is still aiming for that eighth world title which would make him the only holder of the most beautiful record to have.

“It’s not an obsession, but it’s definitely at the center of my thoughts,” he admits.

“It’s at the top of the pyramid, and the work done at the bottom this year is to get back to the top. For me, for my personal challenge, I want to win another world championship. Like I said, the he idea that no other driver has ever exceeded seven titles is a source of motivation.”

Christian Horner recently criticized Lewis Hamilton for his lack of consideration of Max Verstappen, certainly due to the animosity born between the two men in 2021.

“There is nothing between Max and me anymore,” replies the British pilot. “Max did what he had to do last year and I have no problem with him.”

“There are quite a few years between us, so probably out of the car there is not that mutual respect that he can have the drivers of his generation, who he knows better.

“I was disappointed with Formula 1 in 2021, yes, but there are no hard feelings. And if I want this 8th title, I will have to beat it. Like all the others in my career.”

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