Formula 1 | Horner and Wolff, it has become ‘a real kindergarten yard’

The behavior of Toto Wolff and Christian Horner in the F1 paddock raises serious questions, the two men exchanging much more pleasantries than their respective drivers.

A “real kindergarten yard” according to Mathias Lauda, ​​son of Niki Lauda, ​​the late non-executive director of Mercedes F1.

When suggested to him that such an escalation would never have happened when his father was there, he admits that it is “probably true”.

“My father played a lot in political relations and it was more peaceful with Red Bull, even if it was tense. There it became children’s games, a real kindergarten playground.”

“I think Lewis and Max are more mature than their bosses! They’ve never had a very serious problem this season, or an uncontrolled escalation, even after the crash at Silverstone. They’re their bosses the kids in this season.”

Former F1 driver Nico Hulkenberg nods. “It looks like they are playing their lives this season. It’s all or nothing. But I understand that they are putting so much energy and work into this title battle that nerves and fatigue are playing.”

The German even wanted to salute the gesture of Max Verstappen, who posed for a photo with the commissioner criticized by Horner in Qatar.

“It shows humanity and greatness that Max went to see the commissioner like that. Coming back to that famous yellow flag, I think what Max did in qualifying was understandable. The car was on the right, the marshals on the left. The guy waved the flag on his own even though the race director no longer gave this order. “

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