Formula 1 | Horner: Hamilton braked 23 meters too late according to our data

Red Bull Formula 1 director Christian Horner says he is surprised by the Mercedes F1 press release released last night following the FIA ​​panel’s verdict not to act on the appeal request.

Mercedes reported a “A concerted attempt by the management of Red Bull Racing to tarnish the good reputation and sporting integrity of Lewis Hamilton”.

Asked to respond this Friday, Horner said: “I think Mercedes’ statement is a bit antagonistic, shall we say, but I’m not really reading much of it.”

“It was never something personal about a single rider, it’s about the events that happened and a competition between two guys, it’s not against a specific rider. “

“If it had been another driver the reaction would have been the same so I was a little surprised by Mercedes’ comments, but we left that behind and are focusing on the track now.”

Horner believes he has obtained “a fair hearing” yesterday and now considers the matter to be resolved.

“We presented this data to the marshals. They gave us a fair hearing yesterday where we were able to discuss, through this data, the positioning of the cars, the speed of the cars.”

“The point is Lewis would have had to brake 23 meters earlier to take the turn properly. The point is that Max is on the same line as Charles Leclerc’s, the result with Charles would have been the same if Lewis had taken the same approach. “

“So we presented this data, we think we had a fair hearing, the commissioners felt that this was not new evidence, within the limits of the regulations, and therefore it was not opened. at another hearing. “

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“We accept that. Every effort should be made and, of course, when you have an accident of this speed and impact, of course you want a full investigation. But as far as we’re concerned, the chapter is now closed, the Stewards have made their decision and we are now focusing a lot on this weekend and the rest of the championship. “

Red Bull Racing employee fired for racist comments

We also learn that Red Bull Racing has separated from a team member who used racist language in personal text messages. These exchanges were revealed after the publication of the texts on social networks.

The individual was not “a high-ranking member” of the team.

“We condemn racist abuse of all kinds. We have a zero tolerance approach to racist behavior within our team. The person in question is no longer a Red Bull Racing employee. We will not comment more at this point. “

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