Formula 1 in China: Lewis Hamilton – the jack of all trades


Touched a thousand times: The 1000th Grand Prix in Formula 1 history had only one true excitement to offer: In lap 17 Max Verstappen came just after the first pit stop behind Vettel on the track, which had also changed the tires. Three laps later, the Dutchman started an overtaking maneuver and tried to pass the inside of the Ferrari, but Vettel was able to quickly recover his place. However, this was accompanied by no contact – which is not always self-evident between the two drivers. In the past year there was a collision in China when Verstappen Vettel wanted to overtake in lap 43. This year, too, there was a bad mood even before the race: Already in qualifying, both drivers came together.

The grid (Top Ten): Showed in perfect symmetry, all ten first riders started in pairs in the team: Mercedes – Ferrari – Red Bull – Renault – Haas. This has happened once in the Formula 1 story. Do you remember when exactly? *

The result: Gave the tension in world championship a kink. Lewis Hamilton won the Chinese Grand Prix in front of his team-mate Valtteri Bottas in the Mercedes. Only Max Verstappen had no sense for the symmetrical grid and moved between Vettel and Charles Leclerc in fourth place. Click here for the race report.

Power demonstration from the starting line: The decision to win the race came shortly after the lights went out. Bottas lost his lead before the first corner to Hamilton, who had still had major problems with his car in practice. While the Mercedes drivers turned their laps at the front safely, Leclerc was instructed in the eleventh round by a team order to let Vettel pass. Bottas tried after the first pit stops, with a few fast laps once again put pressure on Hamilton, the fivefold champion fought off sovereign. Mercedes ordered a double stop on lap 36, Hamilton's gap was enough to keep the lead. Bottas briefly fell behind Leclerc in third place, but could quickly restore the old position. Mercedes had everything under control.

Hamilton fans watched the Shanghai Grand Prix

Dan Istitene / Getty Images

Hamilton fans watched the Shanghai Grand Prix

The World Cup ranking: World Champion Lewis Hamilton is back on top of the championship standings after his 75th win of his career with six points ahead of his team mate Bottas (62), Verstappen (39), Vettel (37) and Leclerc (36).

Unbeatable in Shanghai: With six victories in Shanghai, Hamilton is by far the driver with the most wins in the China Grand Prix, part of the Formula 1 racing calendar since the 2004 season. Vettel could win there once. In 2009 he won with Red Bull in Shanghai and gave his former team the first Grand Prix victory. "It was not the easiest weekend, we did not know where we were going because the Ferrari were so fast, it started for me after the start, the rest is history," Hamilton said after the race.

150 times around the world: Since the first race at Silverstone in 1950, all riders together covered 1.3 million laps in all races, circling the earth 150 times. You can read more personalities, numbers and curiosities from 1000 Formula 1 races in our picture gallery:

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1000th race:
Formula 1 celebrates its anniversary

* The puzzle solution: The truth is: In the 2011 Singapore Grand Prix, the first ten riders started in pairs for each team. Back then with Vettel and Mark Webber in the Red Bull in the front row. If you knew that, you have really seen some of the past 1000 races.


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