Formula 1 | Leclerc suggests curbs define track limits in F1

This season, especially during the Austrian Grand Prix, the subject of track limits has been the subject of much discussion in the paddock.

On the Red Bull Ring, in addition to the numerous time penalties which were distributed to the drivers, Sergio Perez passed in Q3 before the FIA ​​judged that the Mexican had finally crossed the white line with his four wheels, which led to the cancellation of his time.

Then it was the opposite that happened for the same driver a few races later in Hungary: Perez this time recovered his time from Q2 after the sport’s governing body realized that he had indeed stayed in the race. inside the limits of the track during his attempt.

But what solution could then be adopted to put an end to this debate? Charles Leclerc went there with his suggestion: the Ferrari driver proposes that it is the curbs existing in the turns posing the most problems which define the limits of the track, and he thus calls for not removing them.

“I think the best solution, or at least the one I prefer, would be for the vibrator to set the boundary, because at least we could feel it,” launches Leclerc.

“Sometimes last year we used the curb as a reference for the limits of the track because you felt it in the steering wheel, especially when you got to the edge of the curb. It’s much easier to be very, very precise in this way.”

“We’re so low, 5 centimeters off the ground, and as riders we can’t see the white line well. So it’s hard to judge.”

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