Formula 1 legend Niki Lauda: personal physician Klepetko reveals details on TV

formula 1 Doctor by Niki Lauda (70 †)

“He demanded more exercises than prescribed”

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Formula 1 legend Niki Lauda is dead

Formula 1 legend Niki Lauda is dead. His relatives said that the three-time world champion has peacefully fallen asleep with his family. After a serious accident, he always had health problems.

As a driver, he was tireless and unflinching. Determined as a businessman, but always human. Even in his toughest times, Niki Lauda remained positive and persistent. His doctor reveals details.

BLast summer, Niki Lauda was in dramatic decline. With an acute lung failure, he was flown from his holiday to a clinic, in August 2018, he then received a donor lung. This was necessary because the condition of the Austrians had dramatically worsened due to inflammation of the alveoli.

At that time Lauda said to the Swiss newspaper “Blick”: “I was dead in the short term. Now I am resurrected.” Lauda's doctor Walter Klepetko was always in the immediate vicinity since that time. In a special broadcast by the Austrian TV station ORF he said: “Since the beginning of the year it has become apparent. The Christmas holiday in Ibiza did him good, his mobility had also improved. Then came a flu infection, which has thrown him back very much. Whenever we thought we had done it, we were thrown back again. “

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Lauda himself in rehab with great zeal

Since the beginning of May 2019 it has become increasingly worse for the state of Lauda: “In recent weeks, there were clear steps backwards. Then we could do nothing more to make it positive. “Therefore, the death of the motorsport legend did not come as a surprise.

When the thorax surgeon Klepetko talked about the rehab patient Lauda, ​​it became emotional: “He required more exercises than were actually prescribed. He was friendly to everyone, never condescending. “

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Until the last moment of his exciting life among all the important personalities of motorsport, economics and high society, Niki Lauda preserved something that made him special: his warmth and his optimism. As was the case after the heavy accident on the Nürburgring and the alleged last rites. A clergyman was already standing by his bed in the hospital when things were so badly bad for him. “I thought so: not like me. That was a good thing and motivated me to stay alive. “Niki Lauda – a fighter that will not only miss Formula One.

Is the route in Monza named after Lauda?

Formula One will therefore honor one of its great legends in Monaco. In the principality, where Lewis Hamilton wants to expand his championship lead in the race on Sunday (15.10 clock, in the live ticker of the WORLD), there should be enough emotional moments of farewell. Because there are no Formula 1 cars on the track there on Friday, the Grand Prix weekend always starts on Wednesdays.

When it comes to Italian deputy Paolo Grimoldi, there will soon be a racetrack named after Niki Lauda. Not just any, but the historic course in Monza should be. There, where the three-time Formula 1 world champion completed his first race after the terrible Nürburgring accident. “Lauda became a legend in Monza on September 12, 1976, having regained a heroic fourth place just six weeks after his terrible accident,” Grimoldi said.

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