Formula 1 | Mercedes set to extend to F1 for just one year

Mercedes will pledge to continue in Formula 1 in 2021, but will not sign the Concorde Agreements involving it for five more years in the sport. According to Sport1 journalists, Ralf Bach and Bianca Garloff, who quote a reliable source, the world champion team will not commit, for the moment, for the new regulations.

At Silverstone, Toto Wolff complained about the disadvantage that the Concorde Agreements represented for Mercedes, and revealed that Mercedes did not want to sign these new terms.

The deadline for signing the agreements is today, and Liberty had said few deadlines would be accepted, if any. According to Sport 1, the Concorde Agreements would include a clause allowing teams to leave F1 at the end of each season.

“Sport1 also learned that a departure [de Mercedes] as a team or owner is not excluded. But because of the coronavirus crisis, Daimler postponed the decision for a year. The exit clause of the new contract makes this possible. “

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