Formula 1 USA 2018: Thursday in the chronology

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Tonight we salute Austin from the United States Grand Prix! Thank you for your attention to the Formula 1 Media Day!

See you later on Friday's Formula 1 program on the Circuit of the Americas! Because in the evening there is the first time guided …

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The photos of the day from Austin

The press conference with Alonso and Hamilton, the new Ferrari suit of Vettel and Raikkonen – and the Circuit of The Americas in 2018: You can find this and more in our gallery of images with the most beautiful photos of the Formula One Media Day in the United States . Have fun with this!

And if you prefer to browse: the best moments are also available as a photo gallery in flipbook format!

Photo: US Grand Prix, pre-events

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Renault engine: Hulkenberg cautiously optimistic

Nico Hülkenberg does not want to lean out of the window when it comes to Renault's Formula 1 engines. The official team had announced to build a completely new unit for 2019. "The guys in [der Renault-Motorenwerkstatt in] Viry put pressure, "says Hülkenberg." There will be some changes on the engine side. But it's still early to talk about it. As a driver, you want to experience it in reality. "

Hülkenberg calculates that he will be able to get an idea of ​​the new record during the winter tests in the spring of 2019. "Only in this way will you probably have an idea of ​​the work that has been done," he says. "And until then we must continue to work hard."

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Details on the Ferrari underbody update

Ferrari will ship its SF71H to Austin with numerous updates for Friday's training. These include, among others, some small fins in front of the rear wheels. This is to optimize the flow of air around the wheels. A possible side effect could be that the fins also deflect the rubber abrasion.

Furthermore, the outer edge of the diffuser and the side wind deflectors in front of the side boxes have been modified. Also there are – especially on the front edge of the bottom plate – now to recognize new fins.

The close-ups of Ferrari's underbody can be found in the technical photo gallery, which can also be recalled as a flip-book version.

Photo: United States Grand Prix, technology

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Facts about the United States Grand Prix in Austin

– The Circuit of The Americas has been the headquarters of Formula 1 since 2012
– Between 2014 and 2017, Lewis Hamilton won four consecutive appearances in Austin
– He holds the Formula 1 record for US victories, with six wins
– Since 2014, a Mercedes driver has always been in pole position
– Hamilton reached the top position on the grid in 2016 and 2017, respectively
– In 2017, Mercedes won the Constructors' Championship prematurely
– In 2015, Hamilton debuted for the third time in the Austin world champion
– With 1: 33.108 minutes Hamilton holds the course record since 2017
– Sebastian Vettel scored in 2017 with 1: 37.766 minutes, the fastest lap of the race so far

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Magnussen: I'm used to it …

Kevin Magnussen does not care about being labeled as "Bad Boy" in Formula One. The announcement of Charles Leclerc to warm up the Suzuka accident in the drivers' meeting, makes Magnussen cool. "I'm not surprised it was discussed, but I'm used to it, that's right," Magnussen says.

Describes the scene in which he collided with Leclerc as "unhappy" because they both did exactly the same thing. "If I had reacted a little faster or slower, it would not have come into contact," says Magnussen. "Now it does not matter anymore, and I've long decided that I do not care to read all the comments and listen to the analysis."


Video: Practice makes the world champion!

Spy shots of training in the pits at the Mercedes pits!

But do not worry: Mercedes can win the "rider" title on the weekend. In the Constructors' Championship, the next decision in favor of the Silver Arrows in its current form would be possible as soon as possible in Mexico City next week!

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Haas is still on the way …

… meanwhile Wet Circuit of The Americas in Austin. Yes, the planned showers have passed over the track. Some pilots and their engineers were lucky anyway and they came around in the dry …

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Vettel: last shot 2018 also pointing the finger for 2019

Sebastian Vettel has emphasized how crucial a good final in the Formula 1 2018 season could be in terms of a new year. "Everybody is always trying to take a step forward, we lost a bit in the last few races to make progress, and I think it's important for us to understand why this is how we have some ideas. We hope the next few weeks will show that we are on the right track, "says Vettel.

Ferrari simply simply had "the speed" missing to be able to compete with Mercedes. "In the coming races we want to find the right path", explains Vettel. "Next year, the rules will change a little, if not dramatically, it would be nice to get the results we deserve, so the team will return where it belongs".

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Video: Red Bull demo in the United States

Big, bigger, USA! This is the motto that Red Bull has dedicated to its recent demonstration run and has simply made the entire United States insecure. Well, almost the same. Take a look at yourself!

Red Bull: Verstappen's trip to the United States

After Daniel Riccardo also Max Verstappen had the opportunity to move the showcar on some unusual roads More videos of Formula 1

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Rising Red Bull: finally updates!

"We have not updated the car for a while," says Pierre Gasly of his Toro Rosso STR13. For the most part recently, the team focused on the expansion phase of the Honda engine. But in Austin there is a new front wing and a modified underbody. "Now we are back in a good position, at Suzuka, we have seen what is possible, if we can exploit the full potential of the car, then we know we can be involved". What Toro Rosso has just demonstrated with the top 10 positions on the grid. In the race, however, Gasly and Brendon Hartley came back and left the points.

"Now it's about finding more coherence from one track to another, hopefully," continues Gasly, "the updates give us a little more consistency in performance."

For the moment, however, it is only a test in Friday practice – and only Gasly receives the new parts from Toro Rosso. Subsequently, it is evaluated and compared.

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Hamilton's story: timing, talent – and luck!

Carlos Sainz thinks he saw through his Formula 1 colleague Lewis Hamilton. Or at least to know part of the secret of the secret of his successful British rival. He told Austin: "Lewis could be one of the greatest talents of all time in Formula 1. Nobody doubts him."

"He always had a good sense of timing when he made his decisions, and of course he's a bit lucky – no one could predict that he would win titles one after the other with Mercedes, but he's smart and incredibly talented, otherwise he would not have won all these titles ".

And if the trend of past races continues, then Hamilton could already prematurely reach the fifth world title of his career at Austin.


Hülkenberg: error analysis? Yes later!

"It's not the right time to talk about where we went wrong or why we have not improved," says Renault driver Nico Hülkenberg ahead of the US Grand Prix at Austin. Call your team rather towards unity. After all, it was important to defend P4 in the overall standings. Therefore, Hülkenberg says: "We have to look ahead, there are still four races left, a mini-season until the end of the year, so we have to get the best out of it and we will fight for it".

Only in the second phase, the research must be conducted, said the German. "Internally, we have to look at some things and some processes, and understand some things so we can improve them in the future, but it does not help to complain now, we need a positive attitude towards the challenge that awaits us."

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The "VER stopper" border in the picture

So, here's a nice shot of the new "VER-Stopper" brand at turn 17! This is to avoid a shortcut on the exit area. This is a reaction to the overtaking maneuver of Max Verstappen in the United States in 2017, for which he was also punished. Nobody should try this time …

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Fear of rain? Vettel whistle!

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel does not believe his team could be at risk from rain in Austin. "Rain should not be a problem for us," he says. "I'm not afraid of rain, so if we have a fast car, it will be fast, dry and wet".

He wants the same conditions for everyone. "So it's right and everyone has the same possibilities," says Vettel. "Then the fastest is in pole position."

Partly heavy rains are announced on Friday and Saturday in Austin. Sunday's race should take place on a dry track.

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The photos of the day from Austin

The Formula One day in Austin is slowly coming to an end. If this is not a reason to click through our image gallery for the media day! Our LAT and Sutton agencies offer you the highlights of the day!

Photo: US Grand Prix, pre-events

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