Formula 1 | Wolff ‘beginning to get fed up’ with Hamilton according to Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone has never held Lewis Hamilton’s recent social commitments close to his heart… and that seems to show in his comments on the Briton’s season.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Bernie Ecclestone didn’t cut corners: for him, Toto Wolff would start “to be a bit fed up” by Lewis Hamilton. The seven-time world champion would have given up all hope of doing well in 2022 according to him…

“Toto could sell his position his Lewis. He could say to him: here is how much you earn, you are going to retire and give me half of what you would have earned. »

“Toto can go do one of his magic deals, offer someone less money and keep £20m. »

“No one needs to tell Toto because he’s already thought about it. Lewis would likely quit F1 under these circumstances. »

Bernie Ecclestone puts forward, in support of sporting arguments, a series of observations which have little to do with the schmilblick, and which never prevented Lewis Hamilton from becoming the most successful driver of all F1 history.

“I don’t know what he’s doing dressing up in all those funny clothes. He has a business deal with that? Is it to get noticed? Maybe that’s it. »

What is certain is that George Russell is having a very good start to the year.

Bernie Ecclestone salutes the performance of the young driver, but it is of course to better push Lewis Hamilton…

“I didn’t think Russell was that good, but he did a great job. »

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” I am surprised. Or is Lewis doing a bad job? A bit of both. »

“Toto is a bit fed up with Lewis. I don’t think he’s trying, how about you? In other words, Lewis doesn’t seem embarrassed to lose. »

“It’s not his style. He has a competitive nature but he takes defeat a little too lightly for my taste. »

“I don’t think he actively helps George. I don’t think he does anything, cares too much. He’s not ready to put in the effort to win like he did. »

But why so much resentment from Bernie Ecclestone towards Lewis Hamilton? The nonagenarian says he was struck by the Mercedes driver’s cries of pain in Baku (back pain due to porpoising).

“It’s just bullshit…”

“George is taller and if this were to happen to anyone, it would have happened to him.

“There was a bit of Nigel Mansell in it all. At least with Nigel, he’d get out of the car and rub his left leg like he’d broken it. The next moment it was his right leg. »

Bernie Ecclestone forgets, however, that Lewis Hamilton was racing with extreme settings in Baku, different from those of George Russell…

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