Fortiboost D3, Vitamin D from Combiphar which helps strengthen body resistance, the key to staying active during activities


Combiphar launches Fortiboost D3 1000 IU which helps strengthen the immune system during activities. – Entering the new year 2022, a new spirit is growing.

Many people have returned to carrying out activities outside the home.

Indonesia, which is still hit by the Covid-19 virus, is not an obstacle for someone to stay productive.

Therefore, maintaining health is one of the keys to staying healthy today.

The ongoing pandemic has forced people to pay more attention to maintaining their immune system.

One of them is by fulfilling intakes that are rich in vitamins, in particular vitamin D.

Understanding this, Combiphar as a leading national company in the field of consumer healthcare, share information about the effects of vitamin D deficiency.

And also take preventive steps that the community can.

On Thursday (13/01/2022) in a webinar, Combiphar launched its newest product Fortiboost D3 1000 IU.

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