Fortnight returns to iPhones thanks to Nvidia’s gaming bug

Nvidia GeForce now

screenshot: nvidia

try as much as you can, This is Apple I do not know Keep fifteen days Out.

Battle Royale is back on iOS, but not thanks to the return of Apple or Epic Games. This game will be available to some iPhone and iPad users later this month Not where you would expect it to be. banned from app store, fifteen days giant back On Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service.

We’ve known that for a while fifteen days Go back to iPhone and iPod then Nvidia announced last November GeForce Nav Safari is available on iOS, but it took a while to set everything up. Due to Apple’s App Store guidelines, Nvidia had to change the cloud platform’s browser rule, which would require every single game available on the streaming service to have its own app list – which would effectively shut down any cloud games. service from entering the market (although Microsoft thinks about it)

bring fifteen days As for Safari, Nvidia goes through a hole that is not only convenient for gamers, but should provide full functionality. In fact, the new GeForce Now version is optimized specifically for mobile devices, so you get touch screen controls and menus just like previous iOS and Android app versions.

You can Sign up today to join the closed beta waiting list However, only “Select members” will have access this month. It doesn’t matter if you’re a free or paid member of GeForce Now, because the choice is made “based on regional and device availability”.

the fifteen days Although Nvidia doesn’t provide a release timeline for the game for all GeForce Now users, the beta isn’t going to last forever. We expect Nvidia to run rigorous testing to make sure its servers can handle the massive influx of gamers who have waited over a year to return to Deadly Island.

fifteen days Excluding the App Store’s 30% commission from Apple, developer Epic Games has been suspended from the App Store since August 2020, when Apple banned the game after implementing its payment system.. two companies they fought against him Court, at the same time a A permanent restraining order has been issued forced it Apple will allow developers to point users to third-party payment processors, and Apple has no obligation to do so. fifteen days Return to the App Store (and All symptoms are absent)

flow fifteen days Playing on the cloud instead of playing the locally downloaded version is not the best system, especially when you access the game through a web browser. This means that a strong and stable internet connection is more important than ever, and those who don’t pay for GeForce Now are limited to 1080p and limited to one hour gaming sessions before closing the app. However, streaming is better than not having access to the game, and above all, finding a way to spoil Apple’s fun in this way is impossible, if not impossible.

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