Fortnite: Battle Royale - The map changed before it was released in Korea, the first regional event

Fortnite regularly updates its map. Now all the Halloween decorative elements have been removed and an internet cafe has been added.

The 6.22 update for Fortnite brought with it a new shooting and some changes to the map. So the Halloween decoration disappeared from the houses and nothing remembers the scary month.

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For example, first in Retail Row there was a corresponding Halloween decoration shop, which is now nailed to the tables and looks like an ordinary building again. Even the wheat fields at Fatal Fields can not be guessed that many ghosts lived here recently.

The Halloween decoration to be purchased was not left. (Source: Dexerto)

Wheat fields seem normal again. (Source: Dexerto)

Apparently in Greasy Grove, Durrr's burger shop came out. Because the fast food restaurant had to close and it is also nailed with boards. Two new vans are parked in front of the store. One of the vehicles belongs to Durrr-Burger, while the other belongs to Durrr-Burger Competitors Pizza Pit it is guided.

Even the fast food chain has seen better times. (Source: Dexerto)

Two new vans showed up in front of the hamburger shop. (Source: Dexerto)

In keeping with the new NFL skins, the Pleasant Park football field has disappeared and replaced by a classic American football field.


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