Fortnite: Chapter 3 would have leaked, huge changes to be expected!

Game news Fortnite: Chapter 3 would have leaked, huge changes to be expected!

Published on 12/02/2021 2:43 PM

Is Fortnite on the verge of another coup? As the end of Chapter 3 approaches, its third has already leaked on the Internet with promising advertising.

Before Chapter 3, The End

If you were not yet aware, a little reminder of the facts: next December 4, or in two short days at the time of this writing, Chapter 2 of Fortnite will be extinguished in a major and completely new event called “The End”, not without a melodramatic touch. The players are then invited to participate in a large-scale battle, which “Will decide the fate of the island”.

The conditions given by Epic Games are even very strict (all the information can be found here), reinforcing curiosity and excitement around this highly anticipated meeting which is likely to cause a lot of noise. The enormous mystery is obviously what will happen to the universe past the 4th of the month: a leaked advertisement thus suggests that the map could totally change for Chapter 3.

A new map for Fortnite?

In any case, this is what this video advertisement suggests, apparently broadcast on TikTok prematurely before being captured and then broadcast by an Internet user. We can see the different faces of Fortnite, scattered in the face of what appears to be a major cataclysm (the outcome of “The End” mentioned above?) and find yourself facing the island of the battle royale, turned upside down. Otherwise more amazing, it ends up completely overturning to give rise … to a visibly new map. Unless it’s a mirror version…?

While theories flood the internet, the one who comes back the most advance a brand new map for this Season 3, breaking codes and traditions for a completely revised design and architecture. That sounds very interesting.

Obviously, we will wait to know the why and how and as tradition dictates, let’s try to take a grain of salt in the face of this massive leak… But rather believable.

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