Fortnite Event Guide - List of all tournaments, start times and prizes

In Fortnite you can now duel in special tournaments and earn prizes.

Under "Events", all Fortnite players were able to find the in-game tournaments just launched by the 6.1 patch. This game mode is temporary and returns periodically. Currently Epic Games has announced five different forms of tournament. The starting signal for the first competition fell yesterday.

In our overview, we have collected for you all previously confirmed information on Fortnite tournaments. With the exception of the Alpha tournament just started, the exact times in which the respective tournaments are available are currently unknown.

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Start times of all six tournaments

Alpha Tournament (only)

  • Period: from 16 to 21 October
  • Official Description: Participate in the first tournament that takes place in the game and lasts several days!
  • Timetable: 18:00 to 21:00 (German time)

Beta Tournament (duo)

  • Period: 23 – 25 October
  • Official description: bring it with a friend all over the world and survive until the end.

Friday night Fortnite (Team)

  • Period: October 19th – November 30th
  • Official Description: Fight with your friends every Friday and start the weekend with some group action.

Salty Springs Cup (Solo)

  • Period: 27 – 31 October
  • Official Description: A week and three try to prove that you are one of the best Salty Springs has to offer.

Tomato Temple Cup (Duo)

  • Period: 28 October – 1 November
  • Official description: Weekly recurring duo tournaments open to all players


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System and points prices

The Alpha tournament is aimed exclusively at solo players. The scoring system is based on previous professional tournaments. There's one point each, if you've reached a certain number of kills or belongs to the last 10 survivors in the game. There is a point for the following actions:

  • 3 kills
  • 5 kills
  • 7 kills
  • First 10 achievements
  • Reach the top 3
  • Win the game

Once you've earned 20 points, unlock a "chic prize", as Epic calls it. At the moment it is not yet clear what they bring in these badges. It is assumed that they are special icons placed next to the name of their player. Also, you can reach the next round of the tournament faster and move on.

The more you play in a tournament game, the harder the next round will be. Matchmaking ensures that players with similar scores end up in the same match. Naturally, this logic also works in reverse. If you leave early, your opponents will also have a recent defeat in the next game.

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Currently there are still some bugs. The scoring system does not work properly for many and actually denies the unlocked points. Also, matchmaking is still plagued by some flaws and still does not work properly. Epic Games has already identified the bugs and is working on a solution.

Fortnite tournaments are aimed at single and team players.

Cross Games tournaments

In-game tournaments are completely designed for crossplay functionality. Whether it's a mouse, controller or touch device: every Fortnite player on all platforms can let off steam in tournament mode and meet the other group. Developers have observed in previous tournaments that even controller players could compete with some of the best PC players and now start a test session. Epic explains this step as follows:

"By putting all the players in the same competition, they will be able to compete with their friends, regardless of their platform, and we will be able to put the best players in the world on the same podium, give them more glory, and increase the jackpot."

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Throughout the competition season they want to try out the function and see how it develops. Should it prove to be that some input devices should preferably remain with each other, it is possible to change at any time.

sources: Epic games, Reddit


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