‘Fortnite’ first free ride ‘Xbox cloud game’ targeting 26 countries

Microsoft has announced a partnership with Epic Games to offer Fortnite as the first free-to-play game on the Xbox Cloud Gaming Service (beta).

Users from 26 countries, including Korea, where the Xbox Cloud game service is supported, will be able to use Fortnite for free on iOS, iPadOS, Android smartphones and tablets, and Windows PCs through a web browser.

Microsoft said, “Adding Free-to-Play (F2P) titles to the cloud game catalog is an important task in the development of its cloud game business.” Starting with ‘Fortnite’, more free play The game will be presented.

Xbox is pursuing its ‘Xbox Everywhere’ goal so that everyone in the world can enjoy the games they want, on the devices they already own, and on the devices they want.

As part of that, we’ve partnered with Azure to create a cloud-based platform that allows players to play the way they want, and creators use best-in-class cloud tools and services to develop, operate, and manage games to reach more users. investment has been strengthened.

With the announcement of this free-to-play title, Microsoft showcased the growth and key achievements of Xbox Cloud Gaming. Highlights include:

The number of users who have streamed games through the Xbox Cloud Game Service (beta), which is provided with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate so far, has surpassed 10 million worldwide.

Users from 26 countries were surveyed to play the game on more than 6,000 devices, from Android devices of various types to iPhones of all generations and various PCs.

Initially available only on Android devices via Xbox One S servers in Microsoft’s datacenters, Xbox Cloud games have since expanded to Xbox Series X servers, Windows PCs, iOS mobile devices, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, as well as Steam decks. (Steam Deck) is also starting to support it.

Xbox cloud games have expanded to more diverse countries such as Mexico, Japan, Australia, and Brazil, and more countries are planning to support cloud games in the future.

Since launching Xbox Cloud Games, Microsoft has worked with nearly 125 developers to bring more than 350 games from the Xbox Game Pass catalog to the cloud.

In addition, the cloud service shortens the time it takes to experience and play new games, effectively improving the user’s game discovery process. It was found that on average, Xbox Game Pass users using the cloud discover and play twice as many games as non-users.

Xbox provides a gaming environment optimized for the cloud, such as font size considering touch control or streaming devices, as ‘Cloud Aware’.

At the time of launch, Minecraft Dungeons was the only title that supported custom touch control through Cloud Aware, but now the service is available in more than 150 titles.

In addition, it was confirmed that touch control increases user participation. On average, play for games that support touch controls has doubled, and 20% of Xbox Cloud gaming service users are only using touch controls.

On the other hand, ‘Fortnite’ can be played easily and freely by selecting the desired method between touch control or compatible controller by logging in with a Microsoft account through a web browser and accessing the Xbox Cloud game service without a separate installation process or membership registration. .

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