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Someone still remembers that time where Fortnite Was I just climbing to the top? Games like League of Legends they reigned in sports as well as in streaming platforms where fans watched the finals.

Now, a new report has shown it Fortnite He is no longer the king of the platform after years of glory. Also in this case, League of Legends is back to be crowned as the most watched game of 2019 or so far this year.

It may have influenced the fact that the MOBA is presenting a new game mode that has returned to loving fans.

The game of Riot games is one epic they have always been great rivals, since both are important for sports in particular League of Legends which has greatly increased the professional video game sector.

Fortnite in danger?

Second Esport Observer, League of Legends collected a total of 512.3 million hours from 1 January 2019 to 30 June. Meanwhile, Fortnite has reached 465 million hours in the same period of time.

Many users attribute the loss of audience to Fortnite since the release of Apex Legends, the Respawn Entertainment game that was launched in February and had its moment of debauchery among users.

This aspect may have influenced, but there is certainly something more behind League of Legends who has regained his crown. Indeed, Ninja, the famous streamer that transmits Fortnite, it was difficult for her to reach her 2018 brand at the same time.

But anyway, everything indicates it League of Legends has had a second success and the fans are excited about this. RWe are in agreement that the Riot Games MOBA is an important piece for the videogames and sports industry.

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But tell me, do you think League of Legends will remain crowned on Twitch for the whole year?


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