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The season 7 of Fortnite began on December 6, 2018. An iceberg hit the island.

Winter has arrived Fortnite. The Epic Games studio has just launched the seventh season of its flagship game, accompanied by two trailers.

Every two and a half months, the phenomenon of the game reinvents itself, and therefore manages to keep the fans in suspense. Editing of maps, new events, monster additions, new battle modes, new challenges and skins: the game is constantly evolving.

Last August, Fortnite had 78 million active players a month, which is huge for a game that has just over a year. Its most popular mode is inspired by Battle Royale : 100 players are launched on an island and have to eliminate them.

Screenshot of the cube explosion in Fortnite // Source: Twitter / m4tt

Winter is here

It's cold now, it's very cold Fortnite.

The Twitter account 3 December 2018 confirmed this winter trend by publishing a first official image: we see a character like the Lich King of World of Warcraft, as well as a small view of a skiing man (lower right).

Last week, players had already noticed that steam was escaping from their characters' mouths in certain areas of the map, as if they were in an icy place. More recently, others have observed that it is now starting to snow on the map.

Release date

Season 6 of Fortnite will end this Thursday, December 6, 2018, which will play the launch of season 7.


" A pungent ice spreads " we can read about the international Twitter account official Fortnite. It can be deduced that some areas of the map could be covered by slippery areas.

We already know the effect that slippery objects can have on the characters: with the Chiller, it is possible, for example, to turn the feet of your opponents into large ice cubes, which prevents them from advancing correctly.

Capturing the "Ice Feet" // Source: Intel Fortnite

Other recent rumors want the famous Tilted Towers neighborhood to be destroyed, but Epic Games has not provided any information about it.


On a new promotional image, we can see a character wearing a skin on the border between a cat and a ninja. " An icy dawn rises … more than 2 days before the season 7 He shared the official Fortnite account on Twitter.

A new creative mode

On December 13th Epic Games will launch "Fortnite Creator", a specific game mode in which all players will be able to create their own world on a special island. Those who purchase the Combat Pass of Season 7 will have access to it on 6 December 2018.

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