Fortnite: Supply Llama challenge arrives with free PlayStation prizes

Fortnite Battle Royale It started today, during the morning of May 18a new event for users of the consolas PlayStation. As part of the current Season 2: Resistance of Chapter 3 is now available on supply llama challenge that asks us to survive the circles of the storm to earn rewards Totally free exclusives. Below we show you how to participate and how to get these prizes.

Dates and how to participate in the Supply Llama challenge

The PlayStation console-exclusive Fortnite Supply Llama event kicked off today, Wednesday, May 18, 2022 at 10:00 CESTand conclude the next Monday May 23, 2022 at 05:59 CEST. To participate you can do it by playing Fortnite from a console PlayStation 4 o PlayStation 5either solo, two, trios or squads (in Battle Royale or Zero build).

If you want to participate alone follow these directions:

All the rewards of the Supply Llama challenge

The community of PlayStation gamers who participate in the new Supply Llama challenge will be able to get the following rewards if they manage to reach these milestones during the duration of the event:

  • Phase 1: Supply Llama dynamic theme for PS4 and Rain of Flames loading screen for Fortnite (15,000,000 circles of the storm survived by the community).
  • Level 2: Set 1 of Character Avatars for PSN and Fresh Iridescence wrap for Fortnite (30,000,000 storm circles survived by the community).
  • Phase 3: Supply Llama Avatar Set 2 for PSN and Fortnite Mech Team Glider (42,000,000 Community Survived Storm Circles).

Keep in mind that the rewards intended only for Fortnite also could appear later in the store of the game. if you want to know All the details about this event and the participation requirements we remind you that you can cCheck the conditions from this official link. You can too visit this website to know the steps to follow at the time of redeem playstation rewards.

Remember that you can visit our complete wow to know the best tips and tricks and easily overcome all the challenges of the season. Fortnite is a Battle Royale which is free for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X y Nintendo Switch and devices Androidyou can read our analysis.

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