Fortnite unveils ‘Fortnite’s Nightmare’ event

[FETV=김창수 기자] ‘Fortnite’ has released Halloween event contents that can be enjoyed for the month of October.

Epic Games Korea, the Korean subsidiary of Epic Games, announced on the 6th that it has released the contents of ‘Fortnite’s Nightmare’, a Halloween event held at ‘Fortnite’ developed and serviced by the company.

Fortnite’s Nightmare is a Halloween event that runs for the month of October, and consists of various Halloween-themed items, maps, and games, and can be found in the Fortnite’s Nightmare section of the mod menu.

First of all, you can meet colorful Halloween-concept costumes. Through the homepage and official social channels, Fortnite players can check the legendary monsters that will appear in the item shop and the existing Fortnite characters that will return to Halloween over the course of a month. It is expected to add to the fun of the players as the items are revealed as the tarot cards made with a spooky feel like Halloween are turned over.

The first items to be showcased are the boxer’s shiny backbone style, inspired by the Fortnite community, and created by the character boxer. Several popular monster characters from the film production company Universal Pictures were also introduced as a set of ‘Universal Monsters’ during the event. Among them, Frankenstein and Mira were the first to be revealed.

Halloween gameplay such as ‘Cube Chaos’ will also be available in a limited-time mode. As the Cube’s new plans are revealed, players will be able to battle with new sideway weapons and returned Halloween toys.

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In addition, the Shortnite Film Festival, where you can meet creepy and eerie short animations suitable for Halloween, will be held during the ‘Fortnite Nightmare’ event. Fortnite’s third Shortnite Film Festival, you can enjoy your favorite works in a dedicated pavilion for each film or watch the entire film at the banquet hall.

Meanwhile, the protagonist of the Fortnite October Crew Pack was chosen as the first shadow ‘Chaos Origin’. The crew pack includes a Chaos Origin costume and accessories such as a siphon pack, a mutant material mace pickaxe, and a wrapping sheet for the ruler of the world.

Fortnite Crew subscribers will receive the Chapter 2 – Season 8 Battle Pass, 1,000 V-Bucks, along with the October Crew Pack, as well as the Fortnite Crew Legacy Set featuring evolving back trinkets and pickaxes. The Fortnite Crew Legacy Set is an item that evolves in a total of 6 stages, and a new stage is unlocked on the 15th of every month during the Fortnite Crew subscription period.

Park Seong-cheol, CEO of Epic Games Korea, said, “This year, Fortnite’s Halloween season signature campaign, ‘Fortnite’s Nightmare’, will be presented more colorfully and richly for the month of October than ever before.”

CEO Park also said, “I hope you enjoy the Halloween season with ‘Fortnite’s Nightmare’ content, which will be released sequentially from Halloween-themed items, maps, gameplay, and even to the Shortnite Film Festival. ‘Chaos Origin’ costumes and items are included. Please pay a lot of attention to the October crew pack.”

For more information on Fortnite’s Nightmare content, please visit the official Fortnite Cafe.

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