Fortuna shows a class game for a long time

Fortuna Düsseldorf has obviously found pleasure in away wins. In Rostock the team won 5:2 (3:0) with nice combinations and a very strong first half. With that, just before the next home game against Hamburger SV, there is a little more tension in the fight for promotion from the Düsseldorf side. Matthias Zimmermann scored two goals, Kownacki, Hennings and Klarer also scored and led Fortuna to fourth place.

Daniel Thioune ignited a smokescreen when he declared before the game that he wanted to be successful in Rostock through a strong center. Instead, he now relied on speed and two wingers and two strikers to carry his own game forward on the outside. So Shinta Appelkamp sat on the bench, Rouwen Hennings moved into the lead for Emmanuel Iyoha, who was “transferred” to the left wing. The slightly injured Shinta Appelkamp initially sat on the bench. The suspended Marcel Sobottka was replaced by the two central midfielders Jorrit Hendrix and Ao Tanaka.

Rostock has not won in seven games and has slipped to 16th place. So Hansa was also under a lot of pressure. Because Fortuna also had to win for a last chance with a view up. Because the Düsseldorf team really wanted to make up ground for the next home opponent Hamburger SV. If they win at home in two weeks after the international break against HSV, there are only four points left between the two teams. However, the Rostockers had never lost a competitive league game against Fortuna in front of their home crowd.

In the third minute, Fortuna could have come a step closer to this goal. However, Michael Karbownik flicked the ball just wide of the right post after a mistake by Rostock. The sharp cross from Tanaka did not find a buyer a little later. But Fortuna stayed on and made it 1-0 in the 12th minute after a wonderful preliminary work by Michal Karbownik, who ran to the penalty area and then easily passed on to compatriot Dawid Kownacki. The top scorer marked his eleventh goal of the season by just putting his foot in and thus scoring 1-0 for Fortuna.

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Rouwen Hennings formation is paying off

While the Rostockers were really shocked, the Fortunes continued to try to play forward. And then it turned out that the measure with the game on the outside and the inclusion of a second striker bore fruit for the guests. Karbownik launched another attack in the 20th minute and sent Felix Klaus deep into the FC Hansa penalty area on the right. This time the sharp pass came parallel to the goal and Hennings was able to dust off the long corner, making it 2-0 for Fortuna. So everything went according to plan and exactly according to Daniel Thioune’s concept.

The Thioune team showed a strong game in this phase because the Rostockers hardly came up with any offensive actions. Fortuna, on the other hand, had more opportunities against a Rostock defense that had already moved up a bit. Kownacki narrowly missed the ball after a Hendrix free-kick to score the third goal. Rostock seemed committed, but a little helpless when it came to effective offensive actions. Only seven minutes before the end of the first half there was a tricky situation when Christoph Klarer was just able to block a shot by Dennis Dressel.

Matthias Zimmermann celebrates his first goal of the day – to make it 3-0. Photo: Imago

The 3:0 showed how effective Fortuna was in front of the hosts’ goal that day. Matthias “Zimbo” Zimmermann took the ball directly from the right corner of the penalty area after Iyoha’s throw-in and threw the ball into the left corner of the goal. This is how Fortuna’s away games were ideally imagined from the start. Nice combinations, good running game and courageous finishes. The first half was really fun for the 1000 Fortuna fans who had traveled with them in the Ostseestadion, while the Rostockers were accompanied by whistles into the dressing room.

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It is perfectly clear that Daniel Thioune certainly did not tell his players during the break that the game was already won. And John Verhoek could have put it straight to 1:3, but the Dutchman didn’t use his advantage after a clever pass and was stopped by Andre Hoffmann in the penalty area (47th). The guests, who stayed on after a ball that had already been lost, showed how this can be done better. Kownacki finally put the ball outside, where Zimmermann came rushing. He took the ball with his full instep, hit the far corner and the 4:0 was perfect. What a day for Zimbo and the fortunes.

Once Fortuna doesn’t pay attention at all and collects the 1:4

On the other side, Kai Pröger had left the huge chance in front of the goal only to score a minute later to make it 4-1. That was a bit arrogant from Fortuna because they didn’t react at all when a free kick was taken so quickly that Pröger was suddenly able to score the “connection goal” completely freely. A game like this, in which the opponent then suddenly smelled the dawn air, cannot be won without a fight.

Hansa now tried to use the momentum that had arisen, the hope and the slight uncertainty of the guests. Fortuna remained deliberately calm and matter-of-fact, but was pushed back more and more into their own half because significantly more duels were now lost in the build-up game. The lecture was no longer so self-evident. The 2:4 seemed to unleash strength again in the Rostockers. But Christoph Klarer made everything clear after a cross from substitute Shinta Appelkamp with the 5:2, a header into the far corner.

Rostock: Kolke – Neidhard, Malone, Meißner, Lucoqui (Roßbach 46) – Lee (Rhine 46), Dressel – Pröger, Ingelsson (Duljevic 75), Schumacher – Verhoek (Hinterseer 67)
Fortuna: Kastenmeier – Zimmermann, Hoffmann, Klarer (85 de Wijs), Karbownik (85 Böckle)- Hendrix – Klaus (76 Appelkamp), Tanaka, Iyoha – Kownacki (85 Ginczek), Hennings (76 Niemiec)
Fortuna Cadres: Gorka – German, Ginczek, Uchino, Fernandes Neto, de Wijs, Appelkamp, ​​Böckle
Referee: Patrick Alt (Illingen)
Viewers: 16.500
Tore: 0: 1 (12′) Kownacki, 0: 2 (20′) Hennings, 0: 3 (41′) Zimmermann, 0: 4 (49′) Zimmermann, 1: 4 (57′) Pröger, 2: 4 (79′) .) Schumacher, 2: 5 (82.) Clearer
Yellow cards: Meissner / Klarer (5th), Hendrix (5th)
Best Players: Pröger, Malone / Karbownik, Zimmermann
Game grade: 2,5
Game conclusion: Fortuna performed like a top team, let the ball and opponents run. And the effectiveness was also good. The first half was the Thioune team’s best run this season – however, the opponent was also extremely weak and only came into play better after the 1:4.

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“We put in a very good performance, especially in the first half. We have prescribed such a game for a long time. Now we have to win the next game as well.”
Christian Weber, sports director of Fortuna

“In the middle of the second half we had a slight slack in our game. I wanted to avoid losing control of the game today, like I did when we were 3-0 up.”
Andre Hoffmann on his action when he brought Felix Klaus down to earth a little more robustly

“We did a lot of things right in the first half and it was great fun. I tried to do my part. You can hardly start a second half better with such a state. But it can also happen quickly, as the interim goal to 2:4 showed. But overall we can be very satisfied.”
Rouwen Hennings, Fortuna’s scorer to make it 2-0

“I think it was one of the best games of my career. I’ve never managed to double pack. I then kissed my daughter’s tattoo after the 3-0 win because it was my first goal since she was born.”
Matthias Zimmermann, double goal scorer for Fortuna

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