Forty-nine years of cinema

Forty-nine years of cinema; forty-nine years of FICC. There is nothing, almost half a century of work, dedication and enthusiasm. And the FICC fulfills them in one of the most difficult and strange moments in its history, yours and that of the whole world, because this 2020 will have seemed like a chapter of ‘Black Mirror’ to many people, but in Spain it has been more of a ‘Story not to sleep’ directed by Jesús Franco than anything else.

In this equally tragic and surreal year, we will miss the theatrical screenings during the FICC. A lot, a lot. Especially me, who has always had an idyllic relationship with movie theaters: living near the cinemas in your city is great to take refuge, or to exile because you are a very restless child and your parents do not want you to nag at home or in the store. My first cinematographic memories take me to the Main Cinema, where I saw ‘20,000 leagues of underwater journey ‘; Later, I was turning my birthday and it was my brothers who took me to the movies every weekend. Because having older brothers is great: aside from being used as a laughing bag, it also served me, almost accidentally, to soak up their culture, everything they saw and heard, to enjoy another reality. Thanks to them and the family record and video store, living in our home was like having Spotify and all the platforms in the world at our fingertips, an absolute privilege. On the other hand, the new generations are today lucky enough to enjoy almost unlimited access to culture.

But, many times, older brothers are missing with their recommendations. And there is also a lack of movie theaters in the city, sanctuaries, sacred and dark places to hide, take refuge and escape. This year we have missed them as much as our friends or family, because movie theaters are our faithful allies. In the short time that we have been able to enjoy them they have proven to be safe places, and from the FICC, and with the support of the Department of Culture of the Cartagena City Council, we were even able to reissue the Summer Cinema and enjoy new classics on the big screen and at fresh air. A real treat in these strange times.

He said that, for our festival, as for so many others, this has been a particularly difficult year. But, despite the difficulties, we have managed to carry out a new edition: virtually, the FICC has scheduled various activities and more than sixty titles that can be viewed on various platforms. For this reason, my love of cinema is closely linked to the affection I have for this festival: just as I remember the first time I went to a movie theater, I also remember the call that that room returned to me one day. A normal, simple day, one of those days that do not make noise, but that leave an eternal echo. It was ten years ago when I showed up at the office willing to collaborate with the festival. What I couldn’t imagine at that time is that, ten years later, I would still have the same or more illusion as when I walked through that door and met those who would become my companions. That call was the message I always wanted to receive. And, because of that call, I am still at the FICC ten years later, a period of time that allows for several beers and many anecdotes; Some of them are not very funny, it is also true, but at the festival there has always been a head and a head to weather the difficulties, for something that the FICC is a cross between the body of Jack Dempsey and the head of Woody Allen. And with that energy, we will go through the half century of the festival with the same dedication, love and dedication as always. In the meantime, this year, we will enjoy the FICC at home.


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