Forward Kadlec signed a contract in Mladá Boleslav, he is already training with the first team

Former national team member Václav Kadlec, who is trying to return to football after protracted knee problems, has signed a one-year contract with Mladá Boleslav. He started training in the Central Bohemian club a month ago in the reserve team, now he is preparing with the first team of coach Karel Jarolím. The Mladá Boleslav team informed about the signing of the contract on its website.

“I’m glad that my knee is holding, and if I ran into a league match, I would be the happiest player on the field at that moment. I would really like to play the league, that’s what I really wanted. Above all, I want to be healthy, I still enjoy football, maybe more than before, because I appreciate the opportunity to play it now, “ said Kadlec.

The 29-year-old striker ended his career last February as a player in Prague’s Sparta due to knee problems, with which he underwent several operations. “At that moment, it never occurred to me that I would ever play football again. I enjoyed my family life and wondered what I was going to do next.” Kadlec said.

Subsequently, he started to play Červená Janovice in the third class alongside Tomáš Řepka, Roman Bednář or Martin Jiránek. “Over time, I’ve found that a repeatedly operated leg holds,” stated Kadlec.

“Agent Paska and I were considering where I should try to restart my football career. I suggested Mladá Boleslav for several reasons, including a short driving distance from the Prague region where I live, knowledge of players from Sparta or the national team, as well as coaching personality of Mr. Jarolím, with whom I met in the national team, “ said a native of Prague.

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In August, he started training with the Mladá Boleslav “Béček”. “The first week was hard, but then it was good. That confirmed that I could try it. Before, my knee swelled like a flask after one workout.” Kadlec pointed out.

The offspring Bohemians 1905 played 162 matches for Sparta, in which he scored 50 goals. He won two championship titles with Sparta. Eight years ago, he left for Frankfurt for almost 100 million crowns and scored six goals in 30 matches in the Bundesliga. He also played for Danish Midtjylland.

In the national team, Kadlec started 16 duels and scored four times. In 2010, at the age of 18 and four months, thanks to a goal in a qualifying win of 2: 0 in Liechtenstein, he became the youngest scorer in the history of the national team.

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