Forza Horizon 5 Review – Lang leve Mexico

Forza Horizon started out as a spin-off of the Forza Motorsport series. In 2012 we were able to enter for the first time Forza Horizon drive freely on all kinds of public roads instead of on the track. The series has grown steadily since the first installment. Nowadays you could almost say that Forza Horizon is more popular than the Forza Motorsport series. This is also because the game is fairly accessible. You don’t necessarily have to be a huge racing fan to enjoy Forza Horizon.

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From desert to jungle

In Forza Horizon 5 let’s leave England behind and may we explore Mexico. That’s a welcome change, because Mexico is a prime location for the series. Forza Horizon 4 was criticized that the roads were very similar and that there was little variation in the landscape. Developer Playground Games has addressed that criticism to create their largest, most diverse map yet in Forza Horizon 5.

Mexico contains more than 500 roads in a visually beautiful and enormously varied landscape. So you can have races on paved roads winding in mountains, up to a large highway. Sand lovers can indulge themselves along the coast, where there are enough dunes with unpaved roads to feel like a real rally driver. There is also a cool jungle area where narrow roads, rivers with water and a lot of trees provide great challenges. If that’s not extreme enough, there’s also an inactive volcano to race over.

The different locations are also introduced in a smart way. After the spectacular introduction, you as a player get control over what you want to discover first. You can unlock an expedition of your choice per level. These expeditions bring over the top action, where you get to ride in a brutal car and be guided to special events by one of the game’s characters. These events really make you feel like you are exploring Mexico and they are therefore a nice addition to the Horizon formula.

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A voice of your own

As a player, you also get the feeling that you are actively involved in the action. This time, the playable character has a voice and responds to the comments of the other characters. Especially during expeditions and other special events, this ensures that real dialogues arise. These dialogues make the experience more lively and are therefore very welcome.

It’s just a shame that the conversations are often cringe-inducing cliché. Many characters are characterized and are very one-dimensional in their conversations. Their use of humor is also often wrong. Here must Forza Horizon 5 improve themselves for future storylines or expeditions.

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Folder full of activities

Each of the expeditions in the game will unlock new content to get you started. The well-known categories of races, from road racing to cross-country, are back. Add to that the action-packed showcase events and you get an almost endless array of events. In no time, your entire folder will be full of activities.

That ensures that you always have something to do. This mountain of fun is further enhanced by the possibility to create your own races or variants with blueprints. As a result, can Forza Horizon 5 in principle remain endless in terms of content. If you want, you never have to do the same race twice. This keeps the game feeling fresh even after tens of hours of playing.

The choice of vehicles is also endless. We are of course used to that from the Forza Horizon series. Forza Horizon 5 has a huge fleet to choose from. We see well-known cars from the previous games return, including a lot of new cars such as the Mercedes-AMG One. With more than 500 different vehicles, which you can also customize to your heart’s content, you’ll never get bored of your virtual garage.

A new addition to vehicles is that you can see to what extent your car is suitable for off-road. This stat is especially important if you’re doing Dirt or Crosscountry races. Here, owning a car that can handle the various rough surfaces well is the difference between winning or losing. The off-road stat makes choosing the right setup for those specific races a lot easier.

Annoying connection problems

At the time of writing, Forza Horizon 5 will be playable for everyone for just over a week. In this first week, Forza Horizon 5 has been plagued with connectivity issues. For example, it was almost impossible to set up a race with friends, as the game was constantly throwing others out of the lobby.

Furthermore, these connectivity issues also lead to less traffic on the road, skill points that are not saved and more. Also the Horizon Arcade, which is the replacement for Horizon Live from Forza Horizon 4, falls a bit into the water as a result. The connection problems ensured that you were always on your own challenges there to finish. It is hoped that these connection issues will be resolved soon so that these elements of the game will also work as they should in the future.

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Forza Horizon 5 Review – Endless Fun

Forza Horizon 5 offers the familiar action we’ve come to expect from the series, but better than ever. Mexico is the coolest, most diverse location in Forza Horizon to date and you won’t get bored racing through it. The game offers enough entertainment to keep you busy for quite some time. At least until the next Forza Horizon game. If the annoying server problems are also solved quickly, there’s almost nothing standing in the way of making Forza Horizon 5 the most successful game in the series!

The pros and cons

  • Mexico is a true playground
  • Large selection of vehicles
  • Endless Events
  • Almost lifelike visuals
  • Cliche dialogues
  • Connection issues at launch
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