Forza Italia begins its transition without Berlusconi and elects Tajani national secretary

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“I think that Come on Italy It can never again have a president and that is why I propose to the National Council to substitute the word president for the word national secretary in all the articles that provide for it. Because there is only one president, there are no others”. public (not only political) of the founder of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi, deceased a little over a month ago, the National Council of the party decided that the successor in the direction of Forza Italia will not have the position of president, but of national secretary. So it will be the national secretariat, and not the presidential committee, the body that flanks it.

The other proposal was also approved unanimously, supported by Antonio Tajani, -current Foreign Minister and Vice President of the Government- to officially recognize the role and name of Silvio Berlusconi in the party’s statutes. A vote was then taken, also by show of hands, on the document of the political program that sets the course for the future and was illustrated by Andrea Orsini.

The work of the National Council concluded with the election of the secretary, a position for which the only candidate is Tajani. Paolo Barelli, head of the Forza Italia group in the Chamber of Deputies, proposed it to the assembly with these words: “Tajani agrees with the candidacy proposed by the presidential committee, let’s move on to the vote on the election of the national secretary.” The chose unanimously approved by show of hands, immediately interrupted by a new round of applause. Here is a new video in which Berlusconi talks about Tajani, who “has never made a wrong statement.”

Tajani then presented his first report as secretary of the assembly. He touched on the points of the action that Forza Italia intends to carry out “always loyal to the government coalition but different.” He claimed his position in the center and launched the slogans facing the European ones. He reaffirmed his commitment to justice reform.

Also included in the programmatic document was the proposal to dedicate the construction project of the bridge over the Strait of Messinawhich will unite the peninsula with Sicily, approved by the Government of Giorgia Meloni, since it was one of the president’s dreams

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