[FOTOS] 13 abandoned Porsche vehicles discovered in desert

The cars were found by a television producer looking for a location for a series.

Can you imagine finding an abandoned car collection? That happened to the American television producer, Steve Rhodes, when looking for a location for the West World series.

The find would have 13 copies of the Porsche 928, which from what is seen in the images, are with the paint damaged by temperatures and sun exposure. The vehicles were in a California desert.

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The Porsche 928, launched at the Geneva Motor Show in 1977 and discontinued in 1995, It was introduced with the intention of replacing the classic Porsche 911.

According to estimates, the 13 vehicles would have an approximate value of just over 2 million dollars, about 1,900 million pesos.

Check out the images below:

[FOTOS]  Discovered 13 vehicles

[FOTOS]  Discovered 13 vehicles

[FOTOS]  Discovered 13 vehicles


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