[FOTOS] This is how the Asian rival of Will Smith’s son looks in “Karate Kid” 10 years after its premiere |

10 years have passed since Jaden Smith came to China to become “Karate Kid”. From the hand of Jackie Chan, Will Smith’s son conquered the screens with his version of the martial arts classic and faced an Asian rival for the love of Mei Ying.

Was Zhenwei Wang, an unknown 15-year-old Chinese athlete, who played Cheng Lu, Dre Parker’s enemy, played by Jaden Smith. Then, the Chinese teenager had to surpass 10,000 applicants who attended the intense casting sessions that were held in China.

Before acting in “Karate Kid”, Wang had never been in front of a camera. Therefore, he knows the privilege he had to share with world-class artists such as Jackie Chan and Will Smith’s son. In his social networks, he has memories about his participation in the film.

“Will Smith, Jackie Chan, Jaden Smith, Wenwen Han, and I at the Karate Kid Premiere After Party held at the Mann Village Theater on June 7, 2010 in Westwood, California. Thank you for being the best co-stars than a bully in! schoolyard could have! ”he wrote on his Instagram.

Will Smith’s son’s rival present

“Karate Kid” meant for Zhenwei Wang the fame and the beginning of a career in the cinema that has not stopped. Two years later, He participated on the comedy television series “Movie Martial Arts vs. Reality.” He also acted in “Kung Fu Yoga” (2017), again with Jackie Chan and “Song of the Assassins” (2018).

In 2020 he again shared credit with the famous Chinese actor in “Vanguard”, released on September 30, 2020 in theaters of the ROC. While for this year the participation in two projects was announced: “Project X-Traction” and “The Yin Yang and the Treasure”.

His physical transformation is evident and in his official account on Instagram he shows how he trains; in addition to his skills for martial arts.

At the age of 25, Zhenwei Wang continues to make his way into his country’s film industry with roles in action films, where he can shine with his passion for acting.

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